Chris and Michelle: Victorian Wedding

Chris and Michelle
We met Michelle in the Spring of 2011 at the Panera Bread in Apex. She had contacted us via email and we set up a consultation to meet her one Saturday morning, we had no idea that she was driving from the DC area to meet us that day! She explained that she and Chris both loved all things history and especially loved the Victorian era. She had a printed off power point presentation describing them, their vision, and ideas for their wedding! I remember thinking...maybe we could turn this into an interview...she could go to work for us! It is really nice when a bride has clear direction/vision for her day, it makes our job A LOT easier!

I digress....Their idea was a Victorian Garden Party where there happened to be a wedding. We loved it from the beginning and knew that it would be lots of fun to plan! I remember Michelle telling us that she was ready to hire us on the we were super (channeling my inner Dana) excited to get started on the project. 

We did not get to meet Chris until we went venue shopping but once we did we could tell instantly what a great match they are. He was so respectful, polite, and loved life! He always considered Michelle first and seemed so enthusiastic about planning their wedding! I remember in church one day a pastor said "the best marriages are made when you have two servants in love" I feel like Chris and Michelle exemplify this statement! I know they will have such a happy life together! 

Happy Couple!

We used Victorian books, candles, and teacups to make a "garden scape" centerpiece

A complete table

The tables were named after Victorian Authors

A close up of the hanging candle centerpiece

Loved the custom Crackers and Programs made by Indigo Envelope

We had Parlor games set out for guests to play

The Buffet - such yummy food!

A stereoscope brought in by Chris and Michelle 



Loved the cake! They had Wedding charms baked in and all the bridal party pulled a string  to see what luck would come their way!

The Parlor - Beautiful centerpieces!
Photographer: Loebach Studios