The Planning Department

Well...I am not sure what hoop number we are on...I feel like a little dog at a whole life exists to jump through the next hoop! Either way...jump we must! The next hoop was the planning department. After the Board of Commissioners gave us the preliminary blessing....holy water and all....we were scheduled to meet with the planning department. This Meeting was smaller than the commissioners meeting, but larger than the Appearance committee...there were a fair amount of people on the agenda to present.  Right before us was a man who was trying to get a couple of acres added to his RV park, a park that the planning board already approved years ago, and they had such specific questions for him...the conversation eventually dwindled down to how to properly care and plant around a dam....I was thinking, if they are going to be that specific with us we are not going to be able to have an intelligent conversation about our project!

Once it was our turn, they put up our information on the smart board and we began to share our vision for the property (this was like the 100th time so it went pretty smoothly by C and D standards). There were really very few questions...a couple of random random that I don't even remember what they were...they were quite unrelated. There was a bit of a lull in the conversation; at some point the planning board was just staring at us and we were staring back silently waiting for further questions. Thank God a merciful planning board member at that time motioned to APPROVE our plan.....After a few seconds the motion was seconded...all planning board members voted and we were unanimously approved!

I feel like Holly Golightly when she asks "Do you approve of me?"

Next step: Back to the Board of Commissioners for FINAL Approval!