Inspired by a Bride...Bouquet Ideas!

We have a bride getting married at the Barclay Villa this coming April. She is so much fun and full of energy and wanted vibrant pink bouquets (I think the bright color matches her personality!) We were contracted to coordinate her day but have also landed her floral business as well! We are super (channeling my inner Dana) excited to be able to help design and make her bouquets! I thought I would let you in on some of our design process...this is an email that went out from Dana to our bride concerning her wedding flowers...which bouquet concept do you think she chose??

Some bouquets..
some thoughts for you -
Let me know what colors you were thinking...these all come in white and light pink
I think the callas would be pretty pricey, but the gerbers and dahlias are not too bad. We could use tulips instead of the callas
This could be a pretty bridesmaid bouquet - a smaller vesion of course..

Here is a peonie bouquet - they come in that darker pink/watermelon color as well

roses and tulips - these come in white and light pink as well