Inspiration Monday: Women Entrepreneurs (and a Give Away!!)

For today's Inspiration Monday, we are going to showcase a local entrepreneur, the owner of Babies' Bows.
(Stay tuned to the end of the post to learn how you can snag one of her awesome designs!)

Nicole and Ada (aka "Babies")

Nicole Stirling is the owner of Babies' Bows and a friend of mine. We actually used to work together back in the day when I was a babysitter of delinquents a teacher. She was my sanity during IEP meetings and always could make me laugh. I noticed a few months ago that she had launched a business and I actually received one of her bows as a Christmas gift from another friend of mine. I love, love, love it! It is so unbelievably versatile and super cute. It is my new wedding hairpiece! We met up at Panera this past weekend to catch up and learned a little more about her growing business...

Nicole has a handsome little boy around Ada Jane's age who was always mistaken for a girl even though they had him dressed in obvious boy clothing. So when her and the hubs found out they were having a baby girl a couple years later, she was determined to make strangers know that she was a girl. They ended up naming their sweet girl Ada as well and she was on the hunt for headbands and bows. She couldn't find any that she really loved or that matched her style. She came to the conclusion that she was going to have to make her own. She made a few and she really liked them and thought they were cute. She didn't think anything about making them for other people, she was happy to know that her kiddo was adorable and easily identified as a baby girl.

Seriously adorable. Maybe I can tell the hubs that I am getting this for my Ada and actually just wear it myself!

A little bit later she was invited to a Carolina Parent Shower and she brought little Ms. Ada with her. She got rave reviews on her bows and several women told her that she should sell them. She was not convinced. She put a post out on Facebook with a few of her designs and asked if anyone would buy them. She got a good response that Yes! People would buy her bows. She then asked, well, how much would you pay for them? She didn't get a straight answer there so she did some digging and found some competitors and picked a mid range price point. She then had to come up with a business name...her son called Ada "Babies." Nicole thinks it was from them always saying, "that's the baby's blanket, or the baby's toy." That is how the name Babies' Bows was born.

Babies herself

She did her first show at NoFo and her goal was to make back her booth money. She was successful and then some! She also just did a trade show called Holly Days and she turned a great profit and found some new clients as well. Babies' Bows are not just for babies! She finds that her biggest clients are women buying for themselves or moms buying for their sweet little girl. She has also started making wedding hairpieces!! (right up our alley over here at C and D). Her prices start at $6 and go up to $14 for the bows. She says that she finds inspiration from clothes- finding things that match outfits. She is even starting to branch out into making bow ties for boys! I certainly can't wait to get Mr. Henry one :)

Here are some of my favorite bows that she has and some cool ways you can wear them....

Seriously in LOVE with this!

Another super cute idea

I like them on necklaces..can you tell?

This is actually how I wear mine, over or to the side of a bun. Perfect way to dress up your hair. 

Such a good idea!! I am totally stealing this!

Are you in love with her designs yet? Well I have some good news!! We are doing a giveaway! Yay! Here is the bow we are giving away...

This can be used in your hair, on a necklace, as a belt dazzler, or even a brooch. All bows come with a hairclip and pin for you to pin onto clothing. 

How do you snag this super cute bow? Glad you asked. Here are the rules:

1. If you follow us (or are currently a follower) you will get 2 entries
2. If you leave a comment, you will get 1 entry. (1 entry max per a day)
3. If you leave us some facebook love you also get another entry. can get up to 8 entries for this giveaway! We will be running it all week and pick the winner Friday afternoon. Make sure you check back Monday morning to see who won!! 

Good luck and we hope to see lots of new followers!!