DIY: Mason Jar Pew Markers

This is a super easy and fun DIY. We use Mason jars a lot over here at C and D. We do a good amount of outdoor weddings (I would say about half of our weddings) and mason jars give a sophisticated, yet still laid back feel that outdoor brides are usually going for. Remember this post from last year? This was our first foray into making floral centerpieces. The bride really wanted something specific and was on a super tight budget, so Courtney and I decided to give it a try! It turned out perfectly and we have been doing table top design ever since. One of our most popular floral designs are mason jar pew markers. I can not tell you how many of these we have made in the past year!! Too many! But we love them and so do the brides! Here is an easy and quick tutorial:

Step 1: Wrap the twine around the mouth of the jar and loop ends together (zoom in on the right to see). Attach another piece of twine to make the loop it will hang from. Fill the jar up with water. If you are transporting don't fill them up all the way but put in enough water to have the flower stems in the water and then fill it up when you get to your destination.

Step 2: Pick the flowers you want. For this one we used hydrangea, dahlias, and blue delphinium

Step 3: Use the Hydrangea as the base (for this size jar we only needed 1/3 of the hydrangea)

Step 4: Add the other flowers. Here we added 1 blue delphinium stem and 2 dahlias 

Step 5: Hang on the corner of the chairs! (No special hardware needed!)

So cute! Here are a few others we have done...

What is the cost? Well it really depends on your flowers. I will do a cost breakdown for the jars in the DIY:

Mason Jars (set of 12): $15 ~ $1.25 a jar
Twine: $6 for the roll ~ .50 a jar
Dahlias: $1.50/stem ~ $3.00 a jar
Blue Delphinium- $25/bunch of ten ~$ 2.50 a jar
Hydrangea: $4/stem - only used 1/3 ~ $1.33 a jar

Total Cost: ~$8.58

As you can see it makes a lot of impact on your decor but does not greatly impact the budget! It is a creative way to bring color and personality to a ceremony space! Do you have any creative uses for mason jars? or a crafty pew marker idea? We would love to hear them!