Business Lesson - It's brief!

Soooo...My week has gotten away from me and I really have not had time to sit down and write this post. So I will leave you with a few thoughts on business lately and a reminder about our give away this Friday! Consider your self reminded!

1. Rejection stinks! Just like it stunk in middle school it stinks as an adult as well! I feel like I  was just picked last for a dodgeball game during gym class when a bride lets us know that they are going with another planner...I know it is all a part of the business and to be expected....but it still stings. It always leaves me asking questions like...was it my outfit, were our prices off, did we stutter during the meeting....the list goes on!


2. Building a wedding venue when you are not independently welthy is hard!! I know this seems like common sense...but where as a good credit score and a promise could buy you anything a few years doesn't so much as get you a chicken sandwich at McDonalds now a days. More on this in a future post(S) I am sure!

Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwhich

3. A Game Changer! 'Nuff Said!