THE Application...another hoop

After we got through the pre-application meeting we decided to go ahead with the application process. We were not deterred by all the information handed out at the less-than-small meeting.  Once we decided to go ahead with the application the clock started ticking...we had a little less than a month to get everything together and submitted to the county.

Interesting clock..

 We had no idea how lengthy this application really was....when it was all said and done I think the final document had like 25 many, in fact, that we added a table of contents to the was just a type A bonus!  We had to learn some new terminology and ordinances as the word pervious and the ordinance concerning water-shed. The application required that you call around to the various departments in the county and ask for their opinions on what would be best for our project according to county regulations. I really have never felt stupider (is that even a is appropriate in this case I guess...) than when I was trying to explain over the phone our plans and what information I needed from them...because I clearly had no idea what I was talking about!

Stating the obvious for us "common" folk....

The most impressive thing to come out of the whole application process (besides finishing it and turning it in on time) was that Dana downloaded a temporary version of SmartDraw and made our site plan for us! This can be quite an expense to hire out and we did not have/want to spend our money on having it done for us! She sent a couple of versions back and forth and we decided on a final rendition (which I'm sure will be altered...) all for the cost of time. (which if you refer back to this post...we really don't value that much anyways)

Dana's Handy Work!

We were thrilled to have met the deadline and it was like handing over days of our lives in the form of paper, ink, and ram. Now all we had to do was attend several meetings (to be blogged later) and wait....waiting is always the hardest part!