You Have to Look the Part

This title is a bit self-explanatory; in this business you have to look the part. This means that your
outfits have to be not only cute/stylish but on game day it has to be comfortable too! We almost always get it right on the fact C and D buys each of us a new dress before wedding season each year (more on that later). This post is more about the initial meetings. Just to take a minute to state the obvious (at some point it was not so obvious to you will see later in this post), when you are meeting a bride for the first time you are not only selling your services, experience, and expertise but you are selling you...the whole package. How could anyone believe that you are going to plan, decorate, and execute the most important day of their life with perfect finesse when you can't even make it to a meeting in a pulled together outfit that doesn't have toddler lunch or baby spit up all over it!

The importance of this hit me when we met with a potential bride at a coffee shop near downtown Raleigh. Dana and I did not go together to this meeting, we met each other just seconds before we met the bride. I was wearing some soccer mom (No offense to soccer moms...I love the get up too) khaki skirt with a too old, somewhat stained polo (let's be honest...I was with my 2 year old all day) and a pair of worn out flip-flops. Dana was dressed slightly better (ever so) in a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and a cardigan but with a hair-do that looked like she just rolled out of bed and a face that was screaming make-up please! Don't get me wrong Dana is beautiful..with or without make-up....she just looks a little more pulled together in the "with" category. The reason that what we were wearing was so memorable to me that day had little to do with what we looked like (I am used to that!) but more what our potential client was wearing.She walked in in 4 inch patent leather pumps, patterned black tights, with one of those super cute dresses that look like a high-waisted skirt and a shirt. (I think I saw one at Nordstroms like this once) Her hair and make-up was nothing was out of place. When we sat down and started talking I was all of the sudden painfully aware of what we looked like!

Imagine this with cool tights and really high heels!

 The meeting went well and we parted ways....I called Dana up on the phone on the way home.....The convo went something like this:

Me: Hey
Dana: Ya
Me: How did you think that went?
Dana: Good, I think
Me: Did you see what she was wearing?
Dana: Ya...
Me: We need to step up our game...I mean we look like we just got off the soccer field and she......
Dana: I know what you mean, I was really hurried today....

After this conversation we had a C and D meeting discussing the image that we want to present to our clients. We actually brainstormed what we had and how we could mix it up to be more creative and current. We bought a few things to add into the mix....I must say since this "business" meeting we have been looking pretty stylish.....In case you were wondering we did get the job!

Love the yellow and grey! Comfy but stylish!
Pinned Image
Dana has been rockin' the riding boots!

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