The Year of Adventure....

...And hard work, and persistance, and projects, and problem solving, and dream realizing! This year is going to be Amazing! I am so excited to kick off this year...I know it is going to be a game changer..Not that anything was wrong with the old was like a comfortable game of know what to expect, it's steady, nothing happens real fast, takes a lot of time to win it.

(This looks like a picture of my 3 yr old)

We just wanted something a bit more exciting, maybe something unexpected will happen...something besides passing go for the 432nd time! I don't exactly know the name of this new game we are planning but I think it is something like Shoots and Ladders (big leaps are made when you hit a ladder, but potential for epic fails with the slides) mixed with Cranium (you never know what that card is going to tell you to do) and a little like minute to win it is all happening so fast! What is the theme of your year?