Monday Inspirations - Strictly Ballroom!

Did you ever see that movie?? Quite strange...but on some level I could relate to their particular obsessive type of crazy....Like when you get fixated on something and it drives everything you think, do, say. I remember (this has nothing to do with ballrooms) after I had my first baby all I could do was talk about how much he ate, what new skill he acquired, how often he pooped that week...etc...I couldn't help it! It was like my mouth was moving without my permission...these words were coming out of me and even I was getting annoyed at the monotony of the conversation...I just couldn't stop!

Back to the reason for this post.....I wanted to regale you with some of our thoughts on how the two ballrooms look in our mind. In the Master Plan (bwah ha ha) the house makes a U shape and the two ballrooms face eachother with a terrace in between.

I don't know about the fountain but I love the market lights strung between two buildings

Love the rustic character and the shape seems right

Pinned Image
Love this picture...this just feels right to me!
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