Hoop Jumping: Part 1 of.....??

We are masters at this and are still honing our skills. I challenge any of you to a competition...we can place a little wager even.
We are not this chic!
It seems that when one is pursuing a dream of building/contracting a wedding venue they have to navigate through an obstacle course of hoops. When we set out on this venture, the first time (2007 ish), we figured we would just buy a piece of property and start building the various structures on it that we desired. This is really not how the process goes. This may be common sense for the majority of you, but for Dana and I the common dream masked the sense of the whole thing. This time around we decided to go about it the right way. The right way is not nearly as simple and is definitely filled with hoop jumping...so we have aquired a new skill.

Everyone needs a little common sense reminder at times.

Hoop 1 - Perk tests

Anyone out there who owns a piece of land or is desiring a piece of land that does not have access to county sewer lines knows what I mean when I call this an obstacle. When we first found our lovely lot there was already a 4 bedroom perk test approved on the site. This was good news as that is not always the case in Chatham county soils. However, we needed a 7 bedroom perk...after all we were planning on having lots of guests in our bed and breakfast and needed the proper "infrastructure" (aka sewer space). We spoke to the realestate agent about getting another perk test done to get the 7 bedrooms we needed and she said she did not think it would perk for anymore but would have to talk to environmental health. I must say, we were a little bumbed...but persistant. It seemed logical that the owner just asked for a 4 bedroom site, as that is a common number of bedrooms, and that is what she got. We thought for sure the land could hold a few more bedrooms/leech lines. This was the first step...this test determined whether or not we would make an offer on the property...it was so tense, we were definitely nervous! If this did not come back with the desired number of bedrooms it meant we could not have our venue on that land and it would be back to searching! BUT, alas, it did come back with 7 bedrooms of "perkable" soil, on a conventional septic to boot! We exhaled a collective sigh of relief and discussed our new hopping skills...
We felt like this