Grey and Yellow Baby Shower

This past weekend we did a baby shower for a sweet couple that is expecting their first baby in March. They are going the traditional route and not finding out the sex until he/she makes their grand entrance. We decided on a grey and yellow bird theme. Here are the invites we sent out.

We had such a good time planning this shower and thinking of decoration ideas. We used a lot of fabric for our decorations and made little stuffed birds for the topiaries and garland for the mantle. We also made fabric flowers for the chalkboards. Here are some decoration pictures...

For the favors we filled mini jars with lemon drops and hershey kisses. The topiaries were made with sticks as a base and a dried hydrangea on top. You could use a real hydrangea, but you need to make sure that it stays hydrated. Hydrangeas are notorious for wilting if not kept in water. The stuffed bird on top will be a future DIY post, so stay tuned! The garland was also handmade and was super easy! I thought it turned out super cute! We used lots of lemons as decorations and now I have enough lemons to make lemonade for a year!

We based her menu on her cravings. I love this idea because it gets people talking and the mom to be is of course thrilled to have all of her favorite foods. 

Her Menu: Mexican food (chicken and beef tacos with salsa, guacamole, sour cream and chips), Panera Black Bean Soup, Veggies (mini shot glasses with ranch on the bottom and a cute ribbon tied around the top), Fruit (Fruit skewers displayed in a vase), Pumpkin bread, assorted cookies, Cupcakes (pumpkin dream and mint grasshopper from Gigi's). We also put around assorted mint candies (mint was a major craving of the mom to be). For drinks we offered beer, wine, peppermint hot chocolate, and mint juleps (alcohol free). The mom was so excited about all the yummy foods! We labeled everything with the mini chalkboards. 

We wanted to think outside the box for a "guest book" of sorts. We had the idea to have the guests put down a piece of advice/well wish on a chalkboard and we took a picture of them holding it. We also had them guess whether they thought it was a boy or girl. We are going to compile all the pictures from the shower and put together a shutterfly book for them as a memento of the night. 

We also had a little entertainment with the parents to be and played the "new parents" game. We asked them various questions about babies/newborns and had them write their answers on chalkboards. We all had a good laugh at some of the answers they had! We also had them taste test baby food and tell us what they thought it was. They were none to happy about the turkey and gravy tasting. 

Overall it was a great shower and the parents were so thrilled and happy to have their close friends celebrate the new adventure they are about to embark on. We wish them nothing but the best and can't wait to see pictures of the little one!