DIY: How to Have a Baby

Soooo...Exciting times over here in C and D Events Land...Dana (The D in C and D) had Henry last Tuesday at 2:50 in the afternoon! This brings our kid total (collectively) to four. This baby was a long time commin' as Dana has been in some sort of labor for almost 2 weeks! I asked her if she needed a tutorial on how to have a baby....and that is how the idea for this post was born.....figuratively and literally!

Step 1: Dupe your parents into traveling 600 miles

I know this needs explanation! Well, the Dr. told Dana, not the Friday before she had Henry but the Friday before that, that he was pretty sure this was going to be a weekend baby. Mom did not want to miss the show so she and Dad drove up from Florida that evening for the birth.

Step 2: Do lots of walking with your toddler!

Dana read that walking sideays helped push labor along - Ada is Demonstrating!

Step 3: Clean the house....AGAIN

Step 4: Shave the Dog


Step 5: Take the walk of shame!

What is the walk of shame you ask...Well, it is when you think you are going into labor, drive to the doctor's office, and then get sent back home because you are not in real labor.

 Step 6: Take a trip to the park

Step 7: Go into labor (the real thing....)

The Very Beginning....

Step 8: Make a goofy face

Sam is clearly NOT the one in labor right now!
Step 9: Rock that labor like a STAR
That's right epidural...Dana rocked that labor au naturel!!

Step 10: Meet the new man in your life!

Love at first site!

8 lbs 7 oz  and 22 inches