DIY: Flower Garland

This week's DIY is from our shower we posted about earlier this week.I found the idea a few years ago in a Better Homes and Garden magazine article. I fell in love with the idea instantly! I REALLY wanted to make garland for the top of my dining room china cabinet to match my new table runner and recovered chairs. Well, I got a little burnt out on the dining room project (which included a hand beaded bird - Courtney says this is when she knew I had officially lost my mind) and never got around to it. 

Seriously you are looking at 24 hours of my life here...

The shower gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out. I didn't need a lot of garland, just for the fireplace, so I figured this would be an easy project that would add a lot to the decor. I dug up the old magazine and got to work!

 This is a copy of the article on 

How to Make a Flower Garland
1. Cut six 2-inch and six 1-1/2-inch felt circles. Layer a small and large, with one edge touching.
2. Pinch a set of circles together at the bottom; run a threaded needle through the four layers.
3. Repeat for remaining five petals; knot ends. String finished flowers through centers with a needle and thread to form garland.

I pretty much did the same thing except I used 5 petals, not six. I also used felt for the large circle and regular quilting fabric for the smaller circle. It was fairly easy to do. The longest part was cutting out the circles. That took some time, patience, and remembering kindergarten skills of cutting on the lines. I figured out how many flowers I would want and calculated how many circles I would need and then I plopped myself on the couch in front of a Netflix and got to work. I got all the flowers done in a few hours and was super happy with how it turned out! 
One flower

The Finished Product!