DIY: Pom-Poms

I  fell in love with this idea the minute I saw it. One of the many October weddings we have is inspired by fall and topiaries. We found this bride at the last bridal show we did. From our first meeting, I could see her vision for her wedding. They are getting married at All Saints and their reception is at the Stock Room in downtown Raleigh. They are having a plated meal, so escort cards are needed. We talked about  a few ideas and she really loved this idea:

 6" Potted Mini Boxwood Topiary Tree  $9 (no plastic)
I was right there with her! I think it is such a cute idea and thought it would go perfect with her decor. One slight problem..we are on a budget, and it is tight. We have lots of great extras and some splurges, but escort cards was not one place we wanted to splurge. So I googled my little heart out trying to find SOMETHING that is similar and not going to set us back $700 dollars. No such luck. I realized that this is a DIY project. I got to thinking about what looked similar to this and I found this..

Pom Pom Flowers

Now, this is not exactly a topiary, but bear with me here. If you take the pom-pom (in any color you can find yarn in - so a dark green is what we will be going for) and put it in a mini pot with moss, you have a very similar look at around $2. That is much better than the cheapest I could find at $7.50. Here is the tutorial on how to make the pom-poms. 

I am also seriously in love with the fact that they can be used as gift toppers..
Pom Pom Flower Package

I am so doing this for my Christmas presents I give out this year. It is a time consuming task, but one that can be lots of fun with some bridesmaids and good bottle of wine! Or you could always stick the MIL that REALLY wants to help on this task. Either way - it is a budget friendly project that will give you the upscale look you want. Happy Planning!