The Knot

Seriously - who does not love the knot? When I was getting married. I LIVED on this site. It has so many great ideas. As a planner, I use the knot as inspiration. It gets me thinking about what a bride is looking for and I always make idea boards with all the pictures I find. I usually take what I like and marry some ideas to make it special and unique for my bride. I love the endless amounts of possibilities!

We finally did it and bit the bullet. We have started advertising with The Knot. I am really excited as to what this will bring us business wise, but more importantly it is another avenue to connect with more vendors. The even cooler part of The Knot is The Wedding Channel. It is a groupon of sorts for weddings. So be on the lookout for some really spectacular deals coming your way! If you are a bride and have not joined get to it!