I am seriously in love with her dress! She managed to wear a gown that was modern, traditional, and absolutely timeless. You know that there is going to be tons of knock offs of these gorgeous dress. I always wondered how I would feel if I ever saw someone wear my dress. If I would feel protective, or bothered that someone thinks that it is "their" dress, when it was so obviously "my" dress. I love the episode  of Say Yes to the Dress where Sarah has to put her dress she has picked out for her wedding on another bride. It surprised me though how different the dress looked on both girls. I think that is what a wedding dress does - it transforms you into a bride, and with every bride, it is different. Even if this same dress is worn by thousands of people, every bride will look spectacular and unique. I think that is one of my favorites of my job - seeing the dress and how immediate the transformation from girl getting married to happy and excited bride. Back to the Royal Wedding...

I so wish I could be a fly on the wall during their wedding and reception. There is never a wedding grander, or more spectacular than a royal wedding. I love this picture of them. It is like they know that one of the most intimate and special moments of their lives were seen by millions upon millions of people, but it didn't matter. All that mattered is that they were married, happy,and so in love with each other. I think it is so sweet! I love the afterglow of a wedding on the bride and groom. It is like nothing matters -  who cares if there is a tornado outside (Seriously..do you all remember the weekend of the 16th? Bride did not seem to care one  bit) - I am a wife, a husband, and that makes this day perfect. I hope it was all they dreamed and imagined it would be. 

Here's to the newest Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and a long, happy life together!