Escort Cards

When I sit down with a bride and we go over her general theme and ideas for her wedding, my mind jumps to escort cards. Weird..I know. But I really think that this  is a detail that can really make a "wow" statement at a wedding. It can be as simple as a name written on a card with a bow or something much more intricate. We are throwing an anniversary party in Florida on the 24th, and this event got me hung up on escort cards. I start perusing some pictures and thinking about ways I can adapt them to fit our event. I found some great ideas that I just love and can't wait to try them out!!

I love, love, love this idea. We actually did this for a bridal show a few weeks ago, but we used pears instead of apples. The brown and green looked fantastic together!How cute is this?? I can totally see this set-up for a wedding in a backyard or a barn. So Cute!
I love how simple this is. It adds a touch of color, but is not super involved. This would be perfect for a modern type wedding
This are containers of olive oil that was given out at a Greek Wedding. I love the idea of attaching the favor to the escort card. I can not tell you how many favors go wasted because Guests forgot them!I LOVE beach wedding! Maybe it is from growing up at the beach, but there is something simple and romantic about a beach wedding. This is such a cute idea! I have also seen this with seashells! I love it!
How perfect is this for fall? I think this is such a neat idea that can be adapted to anyone's wedding. It does not have to be leaf cut outs, but it can be any number of things. This would be such a good idea for a winter wedding and hang ornaments! We did a Christmas wedding last year and it has by far been one of my favorites!! I got a little distracted on my hunt for the perfect ecort card idea. Thinking about the event, it is a night garden theme, so I think something a little more simple would fit the couple well. It is also a small event, around 70 people, so every small detail will be noticed. Hope this inspires you with some ideas on something that not many people think of. I promise, it will make your guests go, "Wow, this is such a neat idea and I love how creative she is!"