Mitchell's Catering

Catering can make or break a wedding. We have been to weddings were the food was terrible and ones where the food was fantastic. When the food is bad, that is all the guests can seem to remember. They don't remember the small details on the tables, the colors, or even the set-up. They just remember that they wished they had stopped at a McDonald's before going to the wedding. 

Caterers are also responsible for setting the feel of the wedding. Think about it, you go to a real nice wedding and dinner is served in aluminum chaffing dishes. Not so nice. We have had our fair share of caterers that we have been disappointed in, and we have had our fair share that have just been awesome. One such caterer is Mitchell's Catering. They are so professional and honest. They really get that everyone has a budget and is trying to make it work. Their presentation is amazing! Everything looks gourmet. Even the french fries they serve look like they came from a high class restaurant. On top of that...their food is to die for. It is seriously the best food I have ever tasted. They have a monthly tasting, and it is so worth going! From the moment you walk in, you know that this company is the one for you. They are so great to work with and have been in business for a very long time. If you are looking for a caterer - check out Mitchell's, you won't regret it!