Wedding Season!

Things here at C & D have been super busy, but we love it! We are almost completely booked for August and have a bridal show as well!

A few years ago wedding season was considered from May - July. As the years have gone by, the "season" has expanded from April to September. More and more we are seeing winter weddings and early spring weddings. To us, wedding season is year long. As a planner, there is never a time when you are not thinking or planning for a wedding. When one wedding goes off with out a hitch, all the gifts have been packed in the car, and we have waved goodbye to the newlyweds, another wedding is right on the horizon! Most brides know the month or season they want to get married in. When they pick that month or season, they usually have a fond memory, a cool story, or just want to go somewhere specific for their honeymoon. It is a true reflection on the couple. "We want to get married in June, it was our first date!" "We want to get married in July on the beach, it is where we spend our summers." When you work closely with a bride you really get to know her. By the end of the planning process, the wedding has transformed into their wedding, and if anyone else tried to have that same wedding, it wouldn't be right. It is so cool so see a wedding take shape and see the little touches that make it personal. All brides have something specific in the ceremony or reception that when guests look at it, they say, "That is so the bride and groom!" That is the best part about planning, the small details. Most brides think about the small details and automatically start breaking out in hives and see a To Do list a mile long. This is the part that we love! It gives us a chance to be really creative and we have a great time doing it! Enjoy this wonderful wedding season - yours is going to be here before you know it!