It's Shower time!

Many people do not know proper wedding etiquette. With unique and non-traditional weddings, etiquette is becoming a thing of the past. However, there are a few pieces of etiquette that should not be forgotten. One of those is Bridal Showers. You are probably thinking how can you screw up a bridal shower? It is so easy my friends!

Do not invite people to your shower who are not invited to the wedding. Why is this so important? Take a second to put yourself in their shoes. You are invited to a shower, you attend, bring a nice gift, and mingle with the guests. 3-4 weeks before the wedding no invitation comes. You immediately feel like the only reason you were invited to the shower was for the gift, not because they wanted you there. If they wanted you there then they would have definitely invited you to the wedding. Let's take a step back and look at the bride's perspective. You have limited space. You love the venue you picked out, but it can only hold 100 guests. You want your co-workers, long lost friends, and the baker down the street to share in your special day, but there is no room! So, you come to a compromise, they can celebrate with you at a shower!

As you can see, the bride's intent was not to be mean or sneaky. But, to the guests, it can come across that way. Are there exceptions to the rules? Yes, there always are. It is okay to have a shower with someone you know is not going to make it, but you still invite them. You still will want to extend an invitation. Showers are very personal and shared with people that are closest to you, these guests expect (as they should) to be invited.