The man behind the wedding

Here at C & D we have seen our fair share of grooms. They always surprise you. You can meet a couple and think, he is going to be so involved and want to be at everything. The Bride winks at him and says, "Honey, this is going to be so much fun!" He nods in response. Come to find out he would rather crawl in a hole and die then go and pick out table linens. We can categorize them into these 3 categories:
1. The nodding Groom- He nods at everything. Do you like this? *nod*How about this color instead? *more vigorous nod* Eventually after the 100th swatch he just says, "whatever you want baby." Most brides squeal in delight with the free pass to do whatever they want. Some brides look hurt and ask how they can care so little about the most important day of their life. Some brides roll their eyes and know their guy is just in a wedding coma from all the stuff he has been staring at. Regardless, this Groom does want to appear to be involved, but really has no major opinion on olive green versus Montpelier olive green. He is a sweet man for trying, and that he will always want to please his bride.

2. The Food groom - This groom only comes out when we are deciding on the food and alcohol. All of the sudden, the non-existent groom that we have heard so much about is at every meeting asking a million questions and grilling the caterer on his bartending abilities. Typically the bride is relieved to have help on this part since it is the probably the hardest and most memorable part of the reception (people always remember the food!)The bride looks at her groom and gives him a big hug and kiss knowing that he can handle the tough decisions!

3. The clueless Groom - This groom is just funny. He has no clue what is going on. At the rehearsal he sheepishly come up to us and asks us what he needs to be wearing at what time and in what place. We give him a list and detailed itinerary and he immediately looks panicked. We assure him that all the groomsmen have the same list, so they can keep each other on task. A sigh of relief from the groom. Most brides don't mind the clueless groom. They are happy to plan away and surprise the groom on how well everything turned out. Typically half way through reception you will hear him compliment the bride on how she did such a great job putting it all together. We all know that she had some help, but he sees her as the amazing women she is, and we agree profusely.

Moral of the story - your groom loves you! No matter how involved he is, he is doing what he thinks you want. Love him for it, and thank him for all the support during the planning process. They really deserve it for keeping you calm and happy!