April Bridal Show

Courtney and I have survived our first show! We had such a great time and met so many wonderful brides! It is so great to see all the excitement just exuded from them about their big day. Courtney and I really debated about the lay out of the booth. When you think about a 10x10 space, it doesn't seem that small. However when you get all the stuff you want in it, it starts to feel like my grandmother's house that has 1 too many things in it. So we decided that less is more and to focus on the centerpiece, which is what every one will see. We loved how it turned out! Courtney is such a visionary sometimes. She truly has an eye for things. She is great at color scheming and seeing the entire picture. I feel like I focus on the little details more. Guests notice when you do the small things like a ribbon here or a bow there. Courtney and I make such a great team! It really works out great! Here are some pictures of the show!

We got really great feedback on it. Everyone seemed to love it! The only critique we got was to make our sign bigger and more noticeable so that people knew what we did. That was very exciting to hear! We learned a lot and are super excited about the August Show! Next post we are going to talk about one of our weddings this August, it is going to be gorgeous!