Saying goodbye to The Bradford - Interns Last Day

As I'm sitting here on my last day at The Bradford I cannot help but to be nostalgic. The Bradford team and Bailey have made my time here especially welcoming and such a fun experience. My time as an intern has been filled with wonderful experiences and new learned skills. Being an event management intern you get thrown into the fast pace industry of wedding planning but with the team by your side anything is possible.

From cleaning up a broken vase to helping shape the third floor into the complete bridal suite it is today I have grown as a person as The Bradford has expanded itself. I cannot thank the team enough for giving me such a fantastic opportunity. I have learned so many skills from my time here such as blogging, surveys, rentals, interviews, and so much more. 

Radian Photography

Radian Photography

At first I was very nervous walking in on my first day to meet the other intern, Audrey, and meeting the whole team. I had no idea what was going to happen and now as I look around the room in The Bradford office I see a family of friends. This internship was filled with a lot of laughs and coffee as we were running around making sure each bride has her perfect day. There was never a dull day here at The Bradford, from Audrey spilling her hot coffee on her shirt to springing into attention whenever something was thrown our way or on us.

Thank you Bailey for such a fantastic opportunity and for being a flexible and fun manager. I learned that in event planning you get what you put in and my time here will be valued for the rest of my life.


Radian Photography

Radian Photography

Interning at The Bradford has been a dream come true. Trying to decide what my favorite part about this venue or this internship is is nearly impossible because my experience here has been so amazing. The venue itself takes you to Tuscany, so coming to work each week was no problem. Although New Hill, North Carolina is no Italy, The Bradford is like a getaway from the busy college town that I’m used to. I had the privilege to see The Bradford become a blank canvas for all sorts of brides to make the venue their own. From simple chic to elaborate and elegant, The Bradford can compliment any wedding design.

Something else I loved about working here was being able to help with all of the behind-the-scenes work that leads to a successful wedding. I’ve noticed some nice definition in my arms from lifting so many tables and chairs so that’s a bonus! I never knew how quickly I could go from being a mess, sweating in work-out clothes during setup, to looking nice and presentable and smelling decent. If only they knew...  

I have definitely gained a new appreciation for professionals in the wedding industry. They all work so hard to make someone else’s day special. They deal with tough clients and crazy guests with poise and they have pride and joy in what they do. It was a pleasure to work with women who love their job and strive to work with grace and diligence.

I am so thankful I was able to intern for Bailey. She works so hard and loves people so well. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who is able to make people feel so welcome like Bailey does...which is probably why so many brides want to book The Bradford! It was a JOY to work with her this semester. I am so sad to be leaving The Bradford team, but I am beyond thankful I had this opportunity! 


//Robyn + Audrey