Pizza Party

What better way to bring friends together than with food and wine? When I think of pizza, it brings back a very nostalgic feeling for me. I reminisce about all the sleepovers I had in high school where I invited all my besties over for pizza and movies. Are you ready to amp up those previous pizza parties with a build-your-own pizza party?

Here is what you need to do... gather up some topping ideas from your guest. See whether they are a Hawaiian pizza lover or a spicy chicken pizza lover. Go to the grocery store pick up some toppings such as peppers, lots and lots of CHEESE, pepperoni, dough, tomato sauce, and don't forget the wine. 

Get some sides like a veggie tray to have ready for your friends to munch on while they are building their own pizza. Cut up the toppings and put them in some simple bowls for your guest to have easy access for perfect sprinkling. Set up some wine glasses and get the wine bottles set next to them in a cute bucket with some ice. 

Invite your lovely ladies over to gossip and indulge in the cheesy deliciousness.