Fall/Winter To Do List

It's December!

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas quickly approaching, as well as the year coming to an end we all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and forget to reward ourselves. It's important to take a deep breath (or a few) and appreciate how amazing you are. Here are a few things you can do to take a step back and enjoy the simple things this season while with friends and family. 

1. Visit The Farmer's Market  

The farmers market is a great place to support your local community while getting some great fruit, vegetables, and plants for your home this season. The Farmers market is full of color and plenty of items to get you in the Fall/Winter spirit. 

farmers market .jpg

Photo: weddingdash

2. Get a Fall or Christmas Scented Candle

Beautiful scents filling your home always make the holidays better. I mean come on, we all know we secretly could spend hours in Bath & Body Works smelling candles. There's so many different seasonal one's to choose from, take your pick! 

3. S'mores

We never get too old for s'mores right?

This is a great way to socialize with friends without having to make a bunch of dishes or prepare too much. You can do s'more by the candlelight indoors or outside by a fire pit. There's nothing like a chilly night with some chocolate and marshmallows :) 

Photo:  Pinterest  

Photo: Pinterest 

4. Enjoy a Scenic Fall or Winter Drive

There's nothing quite like the outdoors when the leaves are full of color or the ground is full of beautiful white snow. Whether it's fall or winter it's nice to get outdoors and be one with nature. Put your phone down, take your loved ones, and experience the fresh air. 

5. Bake an Apple Pie

Okay what is better sweet treat this season than a freshly made apple pie? There's so many simply recipes you can find online to leave you and your guests tastebuds fully satisfied. Not only is this dessert fun to make, smell, and eat; but it's beautiful as well! Preheat that oven and let's get to baking. YUM! 

Happy Holidays!!