2016 National Average Spending Part 2

Wedding Invitations : $426
Wedding Dress : $1,564
Catering : $71/person

Wedding invitations give guests a first look at all the excitement that will come on the couple's big day. The importance of the invitation is to accordingly invite, inform, guide, and show off style. According to the knot, the average amount spent on wedding invitations in 2016 was $426. Wedding invitations can be customized to fit all of the desires of the bride and groom. Now, before you start to pick out your invitation, you should have a couple ideas in mind. For example, will your ceremony be formal, semi-formal, or informal? Formal invitations typically have white cotton paper with black inscription. Invitations with colored paper and ribbons, usually indicate a more informal wedding. Just remember, a wedding invitation is made up of these key characteristics; paper type, formatting style, and printing method. 

Photography: Blest Studios

Photography: Blest Studios

Now let's look at wedding dresses! 

Most will agree that one of the best things about planning a wedding is picking out the beloved wedding gown. Yes, it can be a stressful moment, but here are a few things to help ease the shopping process. First, understand the silhouettes of different gowns. Figure out which silhouette fits best with your body type. Here's a list of all the types of silhouettes; Mermaid, Ballgown, A-Line, Sheath, Tea-Length, Mini, and Trumpet. Once you've figured out which silhouette works best for your body type, choose the fabric you want. The most important factor when choosing the best fabric for your gown is how you want it to fit and feel on your body. For example, silk is great for a lightweight and resilient gown. Chiffon is great for those who want a sheer and delicate gown. Chiffon is typically used in making sheer sleeves, and skirts. The national average spending for a wedding dress for the year 2016 was $1,564. The process might seem overwhelming, but once you are happy in your dress it will all be worth it! (and beautiful) 

Photographer: Christina Forbes Photography

Photographer: Christina Forbes Photography

Let's talk food! 

Picking your caterer is an important decision for your wedding because not only will you and your family be eating the food, but all your wonderful guests too! And we all know people love food! According to The Knot the average costs was $71 per person. It is especially important when choosing the food to be aware of what guests have certain allergies, and vegetarian options for guests if they do not eat meat. These are things guests can notify you of when they RSVP. The food can also go along with the season and the theme of your wedding. Such as, if you are having a summer wedding then lots of fruit can be incorporated into the salad or even the main entree. It adds a colorful light addition to the hot summer air. Cooler weddings sometimes have warmer foods such as soups, roasted vegetables, a smores bar, hot chocolate, etc. Here at The Bradford we have a list of our recommended caterers that we love to work with. A new trend that has started with weddings are food trucks. Not all venues will allow it, but they can be an awesome unique touch to your wedding. This can also offer a variety of different foods for people to chose from. Below is an example of a few food trucks that came here to The Bradford. 

Photographer: Evan Moore Photography

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