Wedding Ready Workouts

Want to tone up before your wedding? (Or even just for the summer?) WELL we have some great tips and workouts to get you into the best shape for your big day.

Evan Moore Photography 

Evan Moore Photography 

FIRST map it out. Plan out your week of workouts and your meals. (Check out PrepDish, for healthy meal planning)

We recommend starting easy with 2-4 workouts a week and make sure to write down your workout times. This will help to hold you accountable!
Also, aim for morning workouts! Let's be real, we all do it... we push our workouts to later in the day, get distracted and then miss it.

SECOND hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

2 hours before your workout, make sure to drink 32 oz. of water.

Drinking enough water daily will also increase your metabolism and make your brain work faster (perfect for all those wedding details!)

The Wedding-Dress Workout:

Grab a set of light dumbbells (4-8 pounds) 

Arms- Biceps Curl
Stand with a weight in each hand, arms at sides, palms facing forward, then bend your elbows raising the weights to your shoulders [3 sets of 15]

Triceps Dip
Sit on a stable chair, supporting yourself with your hands on the seat, slide yourself off the chair then bend your elbows lowering your butt toward the floor and straighten your arms [3 sets of 8]

Shoulders-  Side Plank
Start in a straight-arm side plank, your body forming a line from head to feet. Put your light weight in the hand reaching to the sky (making a T), bring it down to your lower side and repeat [3 sets of 10]

Lateral raise
Start in a standing position, hold weights in both hands, raise your arms to make a T with your body, then lower them and repeat [3 sets of 15]

Back- Superman
Lie facedown on a mat, arms extended in front of you. Lift arms, legs, and chest up two inches, hold for 3 seconds, lower, and repeat [3 sets of 12]

Cardio Sessions: To slim down for the big day
Equipment - Treadmill, Bike or Elliptical

5 minutes: Warm up at a comfortable pace
5 minutes: Increase pace to level 6, set the incline to 1 percent if on a treadmill
1 minute: Sprint, set to level 7 and increase the incline or resistance on bikes or elliptical.
5 minutes: Decrease speed (or incline, resistance) back to level 5
1 minute: Almost there! Push to run at level 8, should be challenging and out of breath to speak
5 minutes: You are so close! Cool down at your comfortable beginning pace between levels 3-4

Keep trying to increase your cardio time for maximum slimming

Blest Studios

Blest Studios

Dance Workout: In attempt to make working out fun and get you ready to hit the dance floor at your wedding!

Six Foot Photography

Six Foot Photography

Song 1: Freestyle dance

Song 2:  20 Squats - rest for 15 secs. - repeat

Song 3: Freestyle dance

Song 4: 10 push ups - 30 sec. plank - repeat

Song 5: Freestyle dance

Song 6: Lunges

Song 7: Freestyle dance

I hope These wedding workouts leave you feeling fabulous and Fit on your big day!


// Robyn