Spring days are best spent out and about! 

Reasons why The Bradford LOVES spring:

1. Spring Weddings: The weather is gorgeous, not too hot, not too cold, JUST RIGHT! Spring weather is immpecable for outdoor dining and drinking.

2. Warmer Weather: The perfect time to enjoy the outside with your friends during the beautiful weather of spring. Perfect for spontaneous road-trips and hikes.

3. Flowers: Look around! There is something special about fresh blooming flowers that makes us happy. Everything is flourishing and surrounding us with vibrant colors and aromas.

4. Longer Days: It is no longer pitch black at 6pm making everyone ready for bed. Spring is the perfect season to maximize productivity with the longer days ahead.

5. Spring-cleaning: There is something so refreshing and welcoming about a clean house. Start with the kitchen, love your oven, dust, swipe, wipe into a fresher and brighter mood. Rub away the dirt from the winter and enter into the new season.

Five things to add to your spring bucket list:

1. Learn how to bake a pie: Do you smell that?!  The fresh aroma of fruit is in the air. Why not learn how to bake a pie from scratch with strawberries, apples or blueberries to jump into the happy mood spring puts us in!


2. Take a hike: This season, take advantage of getting a good workout and enjoying the views of the mountains or lakes.

3. Go strawberry picking: Picking your own strawberries is a family-friendly event to gather everyone together and indulge in the fresh heart-shaped berries.

4. Plan a spring break vacation: After the hectic weather of the winter time to getaway and get some vitamin D. Spring break is the best because you can go anywhere to the beaches of Florida or California to traveling around Europe with your best friends. Be sure to bring a camera to capture those beautiful moments.

5. Spring clean your closetThis is the perfect way to decide what you want to add to your spring shopping list. Go through your closet and donate items you haven't worn in a while for a fresh perspective and room for the latest spring trends.