Happy National Strawberry Day!

Calling all strawberry lovers! What a great way to finish the month of February with National Strawberry Day! How will you celebrate the heart-shaped fruit of flavor?

Here are a few fun facts about our favorite berry! From smoothies to cakes, strawberries are one versatile berry that refuses to conform with others. Strawberries wear their seeds on the outside, because why not? They are also one of the few fruits of the rose family that have a sweet aroma to match their sweet taste. What's not to love about a heart-shaped berry?

Richard Barlow

Richard Barlow

How do you take your strawberries? Sprinkled with sugar? Paired with cream? Dipped in chocolate - that's a given - or by themselves? The possibilities are endless with the bursts of flavor. Even our brides here at The Bradford incorporate strawberries in their wedding cakes!

Imagine sitting on your front porch on a beautiful, sunny day with a big and bright bowl of fresh juicy strawberries or a cold strawberry smoothie. Or better yet, a piece of homemade strawberry shortcake... Be right back, I need some strawberries now...

National Strawberry Day is a day to appreciate the fruit that never fails to make a snack, an afternoon, or even a wedding cake a little bit better.

We're wishing all of you a berry great National Strawberry Day from The Bradford. Have yourself some strawberries today!



// Audrey