Friday Favorites

Favorite Coffee Cures

We've all had those days. You roll out of bed with heavy eyes, stroll into the kitchen in your bathrobe and slippers, and without even thinking start brewing a pot of coffee. Every day is the same. You sip on your coffee with a splash of cream and two packets of Splenda, think about what you have to do that day, and then begin. Rarely anyone would call this part of their day their favorite part of the day...but we have a few ideas that could possibly change that.

Our Favorite Coffee Cures :

1. Make your morning a sweet one with this Homemade Brown Sugar-Caramel Latte recipe!


2. Prefer your coffee cold? Try these Homemade Iced Coffee recipes!


3. Or treat yourself by driving to a  local coffee shop and forget the hassle of making it yourself [my current favorite is Sola Coffee in Raleigh, NC]


However you take your coffee, there are multiple coffee cures to help you look forward to the mornings