“All you need is love. But..."

...a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”   ― Charles M. Schulz

Happy Valentine's Week!
I am fortunate enough to be in the love business and have the unique opportunity to be a part of many love-filled days.

First, there is the love of family. It is a joy to see how family members surround couples with support and encouragement leading up to and on the big day. Of course, we are not naive enough to think every family epitomizes love and encouragement well, yet it does seem that even highly dysfunctional families cast their differences aside on this one day to celebrate the forming of a new family. 

Blest Studios

Blest Studios

Second, there is the love of friends. The bride and groom stand beside those that they have chosen to love as they commit to another for life. The combined years of committed friendship wrapped in love that stand before everyone is overwhelmingly large and precious. 


Finally, there is of course the love that has brought everyone together. The bride and groom's love seems almost tangible throughout the event as they see each other for the first time, recite their vows, walk hand in hand, gaze into each others eyes, hold each other close and conclude their first day and husband + wife. 


I hope that all of you get to spend Valentine's Day with friends, family, or your sweethearts. Hold them close and enjoy some chocolate together. 

// Bailey