Coordinating, Building, Designing....oh my!

That pretty much sums it up! Post done...

Seriously...things that have not made the list....

Laundry - I have rewashed the same load 4 times this week!

Cooking - Isn't take out the same thing??

Cleaning - Let's not even go house looks like the fall out from Chernobyl!

Car Maintenance - Both of my headlights have been out of commission for a week now and I                                     have not had time to get the the dealership to get them fixed (for free mind you). I mean                                 who doesn't like a high beam or two in their eyes while driving down the road!

Banking - Have not managed to get to the bank in weeks and have lots to deposit!

Friends - I seriously had to schedule a phone call with my friend the other day...she missed the appt. and                I have not been able to have a meaningful conversation since....what is this world coming to when
               you have to schedule phone convos!

It's  a season....that what I tell myself...this too shall pass....I just can't see when!

No worries, blog world, it is not all for not...I think we may be able to get the Kadwells in their house by our D-day.....(that is when the lease runs out and they have to rely on friends, parents, and in-laws for lodging) Which if anyone out there has ever "roomed with kids" knows can get very dicey!

A design picture post soon....I am leaving that up to Dana!

Busy Weekend!

Shew! What a weekend!! We had such a great time celebrating 3 sweet brides this weekend. On Saturday Amber, Kelsey, and I were with Emily and Brian at Duke Gardens. Courtney and Becca were at the Botanical gardens with Kelly and Alex. And then on Sunday, Amber and I were back at the Gardens for Stefanie and Brian. Here a few sneak peeks from our oh so awesome iPhones!

Saturday at the Gardens..

We were filled to the BRIM! Seriously, I was driving with flowers in my lap

The packed car

All set up! It was GORGEOUS! And the bride did all the flowers! 

One of my favorite details..

We had to move it inside due to the torrential downpour..but it was still beautiful. Gorgeous couple, sweet family, awesome friends, couldn't ask for a better wedding! 

Drenched at the end of the night. The rain was oh so wonderful :)

Saturday the Botanical Gardens

Getting Picture lessons from the photographer!
Father/Daughter - one of my favorite parts of every wedding! 

Sunday at Duke Gardens

The Chuppa we made - it turned out so well! I am not gonna lie, I was a literal nervous :)

Seriously my favorite centerpiece we have done so far! Love the ring!!

The other centerpiece. I was so inspired by her colors and I loved the flower choices!

All set up!

The Hora! I LOVE the traditions of a Jewish wedding. I don't think I stopped smiling all night!!

Dana IS Still Alive...

Just thought I would let the blog world know.....We are not hiding her in a freezer somewhere...she is still alive and kicking (most days). We have been in all out full-plan mode over many wonderful new full plan brides that we have been planning excited for 2014 spring wedding season to see all of our visions come to life! Dana has three she is working on right now, as well as her brides for the Fall wedding season.

This weekend we have 3 weddings - two at Duke gardens and one at the Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill....We are doing the floral design for our Sunday wedding and we promise to show pictures on Monday...We have lots of Spring weddings to hi-light in the coming months so stay tuned!

Proof of Life to be added soon.....