Peach and Mint Wedding Inspirations!

With all the moving/packing/apology posts we almost forgot what we do! Well we DO a lot, but I am talking about our actual profession...Wedding planning that is. Thought I would bring it back around and add a little wedding inspiration to this blog! We have a bride coming up (several actually) that is doing a peach/mint theme and we get to do the design! I thought I would share a bit of our Pinterest research here for you to enjoy!
tan bridesmaids' dresses and peach bouquets
Love this Bridesmaid's bouquet - So simple but elegant. 
Bridesmaid's gift?
Sooo pretty! Love the mint linen with the peach pillars!
Seriously Can't.Stand.It!

Mint and peach bouquet
Love the Peonies!

There you have it! A little Inspiration for you on and something pretty to ponder on this Tuesday!

Support Small Business!

Happy Tuesday! As a small business owner I love it when someone gives me a shout out just based on the merit of my work/goods. I don't have a huge advertising budget and free publicity is good publicity! So I thought I would showcase a few vendors on Etsy that create unique, handmade items that can really set your wedding apart! You also get the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the "little man" which gives everyone hope that one day it will work out for you too! (You know if you have ever had that dream or thought of "I could make money with this....(Food, craft, ability, etc)")

Wedding Signs, Mr. and Mrs. Decorative Wedding Signs/ Wedding Chair Signs / Custom Colors Available
Signs for the back of your chairs...Love those details!
Photo Booth Props - 19 Piece Roaring Twenties
Photo booth props - So inexpensive and fun!
Ivory sleeveless bridal alencon lace wedding bolero jacket
Love this little lace Bolero on a strapless gown - Very Kate M.

Clutch Purse Bridesmaids Gift Bridesmaids Bags Customize Your Cutie Girlie  Clutch Wedding Purse Bag
Love these for Bridesmaids....useful on the day and a great gift!
Find these cuties here
Wedding Thank You Cards / Thank you card set / Bicycle Wedding Theme - Head Over Wheels For You
Customizable thank you cards in the theme of your wedding!
Find these Here

Wedding Dress Hanger, Bride Hanger, Last Name Hanger, Mrs Hanger, Wedding Hanger, Personalized Hanger, Bridesmaid Hangers, Bride Gift
So cute! When else could you justify 25.00 on a a hanger!
Find it here

DIY: Refinish Door Knobs

Where was the post yesterday??? Well - good news over here is that we have been getting lots of showings! (Dana here by the way). We had 2 within the hour of listing the house (the hubs thinks it was mostly due to the holiday), one on Wednesday, then 2 more yesterday. We have one for today and one already for tomorrow. Yesterday's showings were from 12-4, so we weren't home and I was no where near a computer to blog for you all. Sad, I know! But most of my Thursday musings were related to feedback on the house, the lack of plans of the venue, and the idea that we are going to be packing soon! EEK!

But on to today! I refinished our door knobs a few weeks ago and I am pleasantly surprised by them! They seem to be doing great. I do not have a ton of pictures, but I can give you a step by step..


1. Take off all hardware from the doors - Knobs, hinges, and plates

2. Clean hardware with a damp rag and dry.

3. Sand! Now this is slightly scary as when you start sanding you think you have ruined your handles. Have no fear! You have not ruined them. Keep sanding in all different directions until you have them roughed up pretty good. 

4. Use the deglosser to clean off the sanded knobs and hardware

5. Wait until dry then apply thin even coats of primer. Apply in even sweeps. Your knobs should be white.

6. Let dry for 1-2 hours. I did this in the winter, it took time to dry. In the summer it may not take quite as long. 

7. Apply an even coat of the bronze paint. Wait 20 minutes between coats. The first coat should look speckled and then the hardware will look more covered with each coat. I did about 4 coats. Make sure you get underneath the knobs as well! 

8. Let sit for at least 12 hours before putting back on the doors. 

A few helpful hints..
Styrofoam is awesome - it cut my time in half because I could keep them all upright. a Cardboard box will also work!
Put a tarp or newspaper down - paint gets everywhere. I also wore gloves so I could hold the foam in different angles

Make sure you spray your screws too! These did not get sanded or primed - I just sprayed  them 

Hinges all done (don't you love the sippy cup top next to it!) Spray both sides. These take longer because you have to let one side dry completely before painting the other

All done! Such a difference!!
There you go! Based on a lot of other tutorials - it looks like I went overboard. The Oil rubbed Bronze paint already has primer in it. Some tell you to just degloss and not sand, and vice versa. We use these knobs every day a million times a day and some of us have sticky peanut butter fingers. I needed something that would hold up. I think I made the right choice based on my results - but maybe ask me in a few months. Good luck and let me know if you do this project and you have any hints to add!

The Coker Arboretum in Chapel Hill: Jen and Dave

We were lucky to direct Jen and Dave's wedding this past November at the Arboretum in Chapel Hill. It was a beautiful day with a laid back crowd that made our job so much fun! We supplied the bride with the flowers and they had a cool idea about getting together several friends and having a centerpiece making party! They showed everyone how to do one and then let them have at it! 16 friends = 16 centerpieces! I thought that was such a cool concept! Enjoy some of the pictures from the day!

Getting Ready! (Dana action shot!)

Love this Shot!

Wedding Guests

Pew Markers made by C and D

Cute Bouts!

Just Married!

The Cake Table! Yum!

Cute bird stamp guest book!

Venue: Arboretum at Chapel Hill
Caterer: DCC
Coordinator and flowers: C and D Events
Photographer: Happy Day Photography
Cake: Guglhupf Bakery

DIY: Reusable Birthday Banner

Last April I promised a future DIY on Ada's Birthday Banner. Well Folks, it is that time. My BABY is one! He turned one yesterday and his party is Saturday (tomorrow!) So needless to say I have been busting my butt getting everything together. I worked on his banner last week and although it was not hard - it is just time consuming. I actually told the hubs that is reason enough that we should not have a third child. Ha! But seriously - it is not hard, just carve out some time, pour a glass of wine and get to work...


  • 2.5 yards of sturdy fabric. I use Duck cloth - it is perfect (use a JoAnn's coupon and it is not that expensive)
  • Thread to match your duck cloth
  • 4 different fabric patterns. 1/4 yard each.  
  • 2 spools of ric rac. I used the 1/4" width
  • Cotton thread (the kind you used for friendships bracelets as kids) - about 2 spools
  • Yarn darning needle
  • 1 pack of heat and bond 
  • iron
  • sewing machine
1. Cut out your letters. I just printed out the letters on computer paper and then used them as stencils

2. Trace onto fabric and cut out. Remember that you if are using patterned fabric to trace them backwards on the inside of the fabric so that you don't see pencil lines. I actually used tailor's chalk - which has been a great use for me in this project and the competition! Tip: sketch out the banner to see what letters are what fabric and then do one fabric at a time. So I cut out all the brown letters, then green, etc.
My four fabric choices


All cut out
3. Lay out on the banner to make sure it all fits. For Ada's I bought 2.5 yards - it seemed large in my mind, so I only got 2 yards for Henry's. It was almost too small. I had to sew a really small seam - so I would suggest 2.5 yards for sure!

4. Attach the heat and bond to the letters. Ok, so I have done this twice and this time was much more time consuming because I got the cheaper heat and bond. With Ada's I used steam a seam. The main difference is that steam a seam is actually sticky before you iron it. So with hers, I could stick right on the banner and iron once. But with heat and bond you have to iron it on to the letter first, peel the paper, and then iron it onto the banner. Not a huge deal, but I would pay the extra $1 for the steam a seam *if* I ever have to make another.

The cheaper option - still works fine! 
 Another lesson learned with Ada's: For hers, I cut out the steam and seam to the size of the letters (so I traced the letters out again on the S-A-S). It bonded fine and worked great, but when I went to sew around the letters - it was sooo sticky and very annoying to work with. So this time, I just cut strips..
About 1/4 inch strips

Lay grid down, paper up

Iron it down!
5. Attach letters to banner. I did this word at a time to make sure I was leaving enough space. Iron in place
All ironed on. So - quick side note - I was working on this in the family room and the hubs was watching a football game. We have a digital antennae - not cable - so every time I moved to the floor to iron, the tv would go out, so he asked that I move to the coffee table. I needed a flat surface that was big enough for the banner. The ironing board was not wide enough.  No problem - except I ruined the table! The heat destroyed the finish in certain areas. So - no brainer here - but don't iron on wood furniture!!
 6. Stich around the letters using the cotton thread. You could do this like you are quilting - it goes a lot faster! I used a darning needle to get through the fabric and for the cotton thread - it is super thick.
The Y all outlined
 7. Make 4 ties. I sewed it inside out and then turned it right side. I hate doing this. I actually tried a new technique where I sewed a long piece of scrap fabric (about 1/2 the width of the tube) to one end and then threaded it through the bottom and pulled. It worked well! It was much quicker and easier than using a crochet hook.
4 tubes!
 8. Sew the sides of the banner. I just folded it in half (face to face - so you are sewing the backsides) so that I only had to sew 3 sides. pin the long side, one short side, and then about 4 inches from the top of the other small side and 4 inches from the bottom of the other small side. Basically you are leaving a hold to turn it right side out. You also want to pin your ties in. I folded them in half and then pinned it to each corner. Make sure the ties are tucked inside the banner!!
All tucked in

Turned right side out - you can see how the ties are sewed in nice and tight!
 9. I ironed it down and then got ready for the ric rac. Cut small strips of the heat and bond and attach the ric rac to the edges of the banner
They were super skinny strips!

All done

 10. Each year make an applique for the back to protray the theme of the party. I also add the year some where so they know it was for their 1st, 2nd, etc. birthday. Felt works really nice for this. I also just used the heat and bond for this part as well.
We are doing a sock monkey theme for the bug's party this year!

That's it! I love the idea of using the same banner every year and seeing all the different themes as the years go by. I think it will be a neat for the kiddos too when they get older.

Happy DIYing! Let me know if have any questions!!

Random Musings: The Competition!

What are your thoughts/feelings on the upcoming competition results? 

Courtney: UGH! That is the first thing that comes to mind...I have seen what Dana has created and it is pretty darn cute! I started with a dress and intended to re-shape it into something great and then I wasn't feeling my fabric....then I cut it too I am 70% finished with a skirt that is turning out pretty good. BUT I have to now find a shirt at a thrift store that will complete this "sexy date look" and well, I just don't have the time! Unlike my sister, I can not take my kids into stores (At least my two year old) and hope to accomplish something other than grabbing milk and bread. Last time we went grocery shopping together I ended up with two boxes of Matzo Ball Soup that she put in the cart and distracted me so much at check out...we managed to get them home! So pilfering through a thrift store to uncover a score is not too likely. I feel like this is coming across negative...I like the premise of the competition and it is fun to do....when there is time to do it! Like not when you are trying to get a house back on the market in the middle of engagement season! Either way....I am going to try my best to kick some Dana butt... in spite of  my diminished time capacity!

Dana: I am actually pretty stoked! I have not worn my last outfit once - I just wasn't feeling it. But, I can honestly say that I will probably wear this dress more than once. It is super cute, fits me perfectly and I just made a kick ass necklace to go with it. it was NOT easy to make this dress. Now, if you have tailored something before, this is probably a piece of cake to you. But I could not figure out my "shape" to save my life. Finally, after the 10th time (no joke - I went through an entire bobbin) at ripping out both side seams, my husband looked at me and said, "sweetie - you are not curvy - you just need to go straight down." That was the ticket - and the next stitches in the light of the morning were *almost* perfect. They were close enough to tweak (I still had to rip those out - but I was close enough to be able to get it right the next time around).
All that being said - I am still not sure that I am going to win. I mean it is all up to you guys! I try to tell myself that it really doesn't matter - I LOVE my outfit. But really, sibling rivalry has taken a hold of me and I want to kick some Courtney tail!! 

Matthews House: Jessica and Sean

 We had the privilege of being a part of Jessica and Sean's Wedding this past Summer. What a sweet beautiful couple! You could tell how well they "fit" together and seemed to have an endless list of similar interests (I was a little jealous!) It was such a fun day with a great wedding party and wonderful guests. They had their ceremony outside along with the cocktail hour. The party moved inside for dinner and dancing and they exited to sparklers in the parking lot! One of my favorite aspects, which I still use to this day, was the favors! (I know shocking) They made a mixed tape (CD) for all the guests and it really helped convey their personality and left me with something I could enjoy! Here are a few pictures of their day. enjoy....

The girls!

I love this Shot

Flowers by Dogwood Tree Florist

So beautiful.....Loved her hair!

The Favors!

So in love!

The Ceremony Site
Place Settings


Cake Cutting - cute shot!

Braver than me....

Happily Ever After...

Venue: Matthews House
Photographer: Julie Livingston
Coordinators: C and D Events
Cake: Not Just Cakes
Florist: Dogwood Tree Florist

Friday DIY: Financial Binder

I had another idea in mind for today that also related to files/finances/papers etc...but it is not ready for sharing (I know same story as last weekend) It has been quite busy around here lately between kids/organizing/engagement season! I do have a little project to share with you today on how the hubs and I are going to (try) organizing our finances for the year. Mikhail recently said that he feels like he is not included in all of the financial/family decisions that go on around here and I thought if I could organize it all in one place we could have a monthly meeting and discuss our progress towards goals and budgets for the month. Enter: The Financial Binder!!

Just a regular binder - I plan on "prettying" it up with some festive paper.

4 Packs of "inspirational" folders - I hole punched these and labeled them with a month.
I made this little printable in Word - I intentionally left it vague so we can add things that pertain to that month. 

I will keep current month stuff in the front of the binder - then  "file" it in the appropriate month's folder when the month is over. At the end of the year I should have a years worth of bills in one concise spot!

Not a Complete Failure...

Well, I wasn't 100% successful friends! It was not abject failure....but failure none the less!

Here are my excuses: 1) 2 extra kids....while helpful somewhat (they do occupy each other) the clean-up makes up for the helpfulness 2) The cold - I have had this most annoying cold the past week and both days (Saturday and Sunday) I woke up with a headache that took a while to get under control! 3) Did I mention the extra is under one.....

The promises: 1)This WILL be done before next weekend so I can start another project that I will promise to finish. 2) I will still have my DIY project...related to this topic...completed by Friday and ready for you to try at home.

The Picture...I wish it were prettier...but here is what I accomplished...refer back to Friday's post for the subtle, yet significant changes....This is 2 trash bags later!

The desk is much clearer....

An organized corner....those white bins are all kids crafts and there is only paper in my paper holder.....

DIY Friday - Before Picture

Happy Friday!! This month for me is all about organization...I love/hate this topic....Dana just loves it, perhaps she should be writing these posts....However, I am using this blog and the pressure of creating something reasonable on Friday DIY days to get my house/life organized!! I am going to commit to this for the month of January and the rest of the year should be smooth sailing (ha!) We have taken the house off the market and are re-listing it the end of the month in a new/organized state! Today I am going to share a  before picture of the area I will be working on over the weekend...and I am committed to showing you progress on Monday! How is that for a fire under my butt! Here goes the embarrassing part......

Laundry room disaster....
My husband actually built all of those cabinets so that I could have plenty of storage for all my various papers, projects, has become a catch all and a disorganized disaster! Here is what I plan to do this weekend....while watching Dana's kids (no worries Dana...I will keep them alive!)

1. Organize/purge the papers into 2013 filer (something cute that makes me want to file)
2. Start a kid art storage solution...Mason makes like 20 things a day...and while I don't want to keep them all I do want to keep several and these bad boys have been clogging up my storage space.
3. Craft storage - I am going to enlist the help of several shoe box sized Tupperware and labels to get this mess under control.

This is a lofty enough goal for the weekend especially with a couple of extra kids in tow and a party to attend on Sunday!... I promise to update the blog on Monday...even if it looks exactly the same! Also, in an effort to keep me motivated (you thought this blog was for you!) I will have a little paper in/out system that the hubby and I will build and hang in our mudroom type space off the garage! Stay tuned.....

Let There be Lighting!

I remember years ago we were directing a wedding at Bay 7 in Durham and the bride was talking about her 'lighting guy' She was listing off the different types of lights that she had ordered such as pin spots for the centerpieces, Up lighting, and Down Wash. I remember thinking why would anyone spend THAT amount of money on just lights....well on the day of the wedding those questions were answered....because it looks AMAZING....that's why!! Now whenever the budget can accommodate it we try to suggest a lighting package. It really sets the mood and tone for an event and can transform even the most mundane of spaces.

A cocoon of can change the color of a room.
Cake Lighting (they focus a pin spot on just the cake)
A monogram on the dance floor all done with lighting. 

This is an example of extreme up wash and pin spotting.
You can see that the lighting can really change a space! Pictures don't really do it justice, it is more about the feeling that you have when you are in the can really be amazing!

A new Challenge

I know that you all are so very excited! I am declaring a re-match!

Yes, this time I am setting the parameters! Here is the challenge. You have $30. You will be creating a look for a Valentines party/date (we need lots of time for these things!). You can use items from a thrift store or craft store. Your main item can not be made from scratch - it has to be an up cycle  Tights and shoes are not included in the budget - they can come from your closet. All other accessories have to fall into the $30 budget and be made by hand. 

Are you ready Courtney??

Anyone else want to play along?? Chime in, we will add you to the polls and post your process on the blog!

Winter Wedding

Hello everyone! Today, we are going to share some really great inspiration for a winter or Christmas wedding. We have had the pleasure of planning only 1 Christmas wedding. ONE! So sad! It was so much fun to shop for. Courtney and I were like a kid in a candy store on Black Friday! We would love to do another Christmas Full Plan. Until then, here is some inspiration..

winter wedding
Love this bouquet! It is different, and so beautiful!

Remember the Christmas song "Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow!" That's what this wedding cake is all about! Whether you're in sunny California or Hawaii, you can still have a white Christmas with this wedding cake.
We have been seeing a lot of this lately - different tiered cakes. I love the simple, yet fun approach

Christmas wedding diy
Such a good idea! This would be awesome in place of the traditional pomanders or a chandelier.

The "Snow Flurry" Holiday Ornament Place Card and Photo Holder is a snow-lover’s delight inside and out, making it the perfect favor for your winter wedding or holiday party.
Great idea for escort cards!

Kate Spade Holiday Shoot by Styled Creative + Alison Conklin. something just for fun? What do you guys think about doing a Christmas themed shoot in the December issue? There are a lot of holiday weddings done super poorly.
I really love this idea for an escort card display.  You could do a more modern approach like this, or use a real tree. 

christmas wedding

Perfect for a ceremony!

for a Christmas wedding
What a cute idea! Who doesn't love hot chocolate?

Yarn Tree

Happy 5 Days of Christmas!! I know, I is upsetting that this is the 5th day....but keep the spirit alive and do a project or two and tell us all about it! We would love to hear about your improvements and modifications....starting with this one! (there is definitely room for improvement!)

I messed with this thing over and over again! Thought it would be the easiest and ended up being a bit more time consuming than I thought.....I could have made 2 pajama pants in the time it took me to make this one tree! I will type the tutorial under the pictures but before then......

Helpful Hints in your Yarn Tree Endeavor:

1. Make sure there are no big gaps. Big gaps = Floppy tree
2. Don't try to remove until it is nice and crispy....or again you will have a floppy tree.
3. Glitter while your glue is wet (seems obvious) or you may have to re-glue
4. Re-gluing means the whole thing will be floppy again.

Learn from my mistakes.....or you two may experience a bit of yarn-tree frustration! (tis the season)

The Supplies- Cone shaped Floral foam, Glue, Vaseline, and Yarn
Start by smearing your floral foam with Vaseline. You want a pretty thick coat. 

You want to drench your yarn in glue - I used a plate to our my glue  on a pulled my yarn through it.

My first try - Not enough yarn my friend!

Added more yarn and had a helper smear it with glue

This time we decided to add some glitter to make it more  festive.
Let it dry over night and then CAREFULLY pull the cone out from under it. 

Finished product, I hope to have a more stylized picture for you when I finish decorating that area of the house where it is going.
I know it leans a bit....But I think I can work with that in a tablescape of sorts...stay tuned for another picture!


Welcome to 5 days of Christmas!! We are on Day 4, and I have a good one for ya! Well- it is quite lengthy, but so worth it..

Every year - EVERY.YEAR - I tell Sam I am going to make us stockings. It never happens. Luckily this little blog made me follow through with it. I scoured the internet one night to find a style I liked. I liked way too many! I couldn't narrow it down. I then sat and thought about how mad I would be if I made red stockings and say, 5 years down the road, I wanted to switch my red and gold mantle decor' for silver and purple. The stockings wouldn't match and in my type A fashion, I would insist on new ones. So in preservation of my marriage and sanity, I decided to go with a neutral design. I LOVE them. They are so cute, and I actually really enjoyed making them! 

Please excuse the antenna. I already moved it once to put up the decorations and when the hubs could not get the football game, you would have thought I shot his dog. I couldn't move it again..

I have made collages of sorts for each major step. It is helpful if you click on the picture to enlarge it. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions!

Dad Stocking - farthest right

Step 1: Cut out pieces of fabric, batting, and muslin

Step2: Quilt and sew together

Step 3: Cut out and hem one side of the cuff

Step 4: Make and sew pleats

Step 5: Sew cuff to stocking

Step 6: Make the tassels 

Step  7: Make ribbon and finish

Ada Stocking - 2nd from right

Step 1: cut out fabric, muslin, and sew together

Step 2: Cut out cuff, make and sew on pleats

Step 3: Sew cuff onto the stocking, add bow, and finish

Henry Stocking - farthest left

Step 1: Cut out fabric, muslin, and sew together

Step 2: Make the cuff

Step 3: Attach cuff to stocking, make tassels and finish!

Mom Stocking - 2nd from left

This is actually an upcycle - all I did was redo the cuff - so it is just one step. If you wanted to make from scratch, follow the dad stocking until the cuff. 

Flannel Pajama Pants

Merry 5 Days of Christmas!! Every year (well most years) we try to take a pajama picture of the kiddos on Christmas Eve. It is fun to look back and see how much they have changed in the past year...and it is nice to get a picture of them all together...not an easy task...but one we deem worth while! This year instead of purchasing pajamas, I decided that I would make them! Joann's was having a killer sale on flannel for Black Friday and I decided to put my ideas into action!

I saw a great tutorial on Pinterest (here) and used her directions to make mine (got to give credit where it is due!) My first pair ended up great, right length, etc....second pair (Henry's) I used a pair of his pajama pants and the butt ended up a little weird.....Third pair (Nora's) I just tried on her and they are too now Henry has a future pair!

So while it does seem simple....a couple of tips!
1. It is better to make it wider than you think you are going to cinch the waste with elastic so no need to cut yourself short here.
2. Surgers make things smaller! I know, seems obvious, but well...thought I would mention it!
3. It is worth the ironing step....don't try to skip it, it will make things so much easier in the end!

Using an existing pair of pants (folded in half down the middle) as a template, I folded the fabric so that the two outside edges are touching. This makes two folded seems along the sides. I lined up the straight part of my pants along the folded edge. Repeat on  other side. 

I gave about an extra inch and a half to all my edges.

Place the two sides right side facing. and sew from the top until the end of the curve. 

Place the curved seems in the middle (this is now the front and back of your pants) and sew up the legs. 

I ironed a 1.5 inch cuff for the waste band and the hem. I used the inch wide elastic and threaded it through using a safety pin.

Finished product...Mason loved them!
Reflections on pants making: So...since these I have made Mason another pair of pants in about 30 minutes. He literally sat next to me last night and watched me make them....(he has a severe lack of pajamas...and I told him that these (snow globe ones)  have to stay white until Christmas Eve) If you have a good will work out every time and be super simple...if you don't, well...frustration will ensue! I am going to try on a pair of Mason's old Pj's before I attempt another pair for Nora...and Ada!

DIY: Christmas tree branch

Welcome to 5 Days of Christmas!! Can you tell we are super excited this week to reveal what we have been up to? It is Day 2, and I, Dana, am going to enlighten you on the easiest DIY project ever. Well, I am not sure EVER, but it is pretty easy :)

I saw this picture on Pinterest...isn't that how everything starts?!? But seriously, I saw this picture on Pinterest..

Branch out from conventional tablescapes by using an extra-long tree limb as a platform for displaying ornaments. Simply knot lengths of twine around the branch and hang it from a row of five or six ceiling hooks    Read more: DIY Christmas Decorations - Handmade Christmas Decoration Craft Ideas - Country Living

I was drawn to the simple, yet different tablescape. This year has really made me want to decorate and try something new. I saw it, pinned it, and then didn't look at it again because, who has time to hang a branch? I can tell you - you do. It literally took me 20 minutes from start to finish (not counting picking out the branch- that took much too long) and about 10 minutes to decorate. So easy! 

The Tutorial...

That is it! Seriously - that easy. The one trick I would say is that if you do hang it this way, you have to be deliberate about your ornaments. You have to make sure the weight is evenly distributed or else it will be off balance. One solution is to tie it to the ceiling with hooks at multiple places. 

Now for the decorations..

I love it. It makes me smile when I walk into the dining room! Anyone else gonna try??

5 days of Christmas preview

Next week we are doing a really fun series: 5 days of Christmas. We are doing 5 DIY projects to get you all in the mood to celebrate the Holidays! I have a little preview of what we are going to do...

Burlap Christmas Stocking, cotton ruffles, custom, personalized
Dana will be making stockings based on this design

DIY pajama pants
Courtney will be making pajamas for all the kiddos for our annual Christmas photo

Felt Christmas Ornaments
Courtney will be making felt ornaments

Christmas Branch Decor
Dana will be making a centerpiece for her table based on this idea
Yarn Christmas Tree
Courtney will be making a yarn Christmas tree based on this idea

And there you have it! Our inspirations for our 5 days of Christmas  Please stop by each day next week and leave us some love :)

Bride Tuesday: Farm Table Inspirations

Recently on a little business trip to market our barrels (we have barrels for rent btw) to a rental company we use, we found out that they had farm tables for rent now. I love this cute and homey feeling. It looks like you are having dinner at someone's house as opposed to someone's event. I really hope to use these in the near future, so I can add a  C and D stylized pic to the list...but for now enjoy some web inspiration!
Earthy and Elegant - Love that fresh take on the Chivari

Rustic and Modern with that white glass - really like the juxtaposition!

Rustic yet elegant with these traditional chairs!

Sooo pretty..I feel like this is what farm tables were made for!