Coordinating, Building, Designing....oh my!

That pretty much sums it up! Post done...

Seriously...things that have not made the list....

Laundry - I have rewashed the same load 4 times this week!

Cooking - Isn't take out the same thing??

Cleaning - Let's not even go house looks like the fall out from Chernobyl!

Car Maintenance - Both of my headlights have been out of commission for a week now and I                                     have not had time to get the the dealership to get them fixed (for free mind you). I mean                                 who doesn't like a high beam or two in their eyes while driving down the road!

Banking - Have not managed to get to the bank in weeks and have lots to deposit!

Friends - I seriously had to schedule a phone call with my friend the other day...she missed the appt. and                I have not been able to have a meaningful conversation since....what is this world coming to when
               you have to schedule phone convos!

It's  a season....that what I tell myself...this too shall pass....I just can't see when!

No worries, blog world, it is not all for not...I think we may be able to get the Kadwells in their house by our D-day.....(that is when the lease runs out and they have to rely on friends, parents, and in-laws for lodging) Which if anyone out there has ever "roomed with kids" knows can get very dicey!

A design picture post soon....I am leaving that up to Dana!

Busy Weekend!

Shew! What a weekend!! We had such a great time celebrating 3 sweet brides this weekend. On Saturday Amber, Kelsey, and I were with Emily and Brian at Duke Gardens. Courtney and Becca were at the Botanical gardens with Kelly and Alex. And then on Sunday, Amber and I were back at the Gardens for Stefanie and Brian. Here a few sneak peeks from our oh so awesome iPhones!

Saturday at the Gardens..

We were filled to the BRIM! Seriously, I was driving with flowers in my lap

The packed car

All set up! It was GORGEOUS! And the bride did all the flowers! 

One of my favorite details..

We had to move it inside due to the torrential downpour..but it was still beautiful. Gorgeous couple, sweet family, awesome friends, couldn't ask for a better wedding! 

Drenched at the end of the night. The rain was oh so wonderful :)

Saturday the Botanical Gardens

Getting Picture lessons from the photographer!
Father/Daughter - one of my favorite parts of every wedding! 

Sunday at Duke Gardens

The Chuppa we made - it turned out so well! I am not gonna lie, I was a literal nervous :)

Seriously my favorite centerpiece we have done so far! Love the ring!!

The other centerpiece. I was so inspired by her colors and I loved the flower choices!

All set up!

The Hora! I LOVE the traditions of a Jewish wedding. I don't think I stopped smiling all night!!

Crystal and John: Country Chic Wedding

I look back on this weekend and I still can not believe that we pulled it off! This weekend and the following were the most exhausting C and D weekends ever. We had literally maybe 6 hours of sleep TOTAL for both weekends. It took me weeks to recuperate  But, looking back, all 4 events were monumental successes that it was all worth it.

Crystal called me up one day inquiring about our day of service and design service. We chatted on the phone for a few and she invited me over to check out her stash. Wedding stash that is. I told Court about the call and she was curious, as was I. We headed out to her house so that we could get a feel for her personal style. Then we headed to her future in-laws. There, we stepped into a shabby chic paradise. They had been collecting items upon items for this wedding. It was everywhere! Benches, chairs, pottery, milk glass, bird cages, mason jars, chandeliers, you name it, they had it. Her problem was that she needed someone to put it all together. We were pretty overwhelmed, but knew it would be fun to plan and such a great wedding for the portfolio. It didn't hurt that we found Crystal to be the cutest thing ever and her hubs to be was such a sweetheart. We were sold - and so were they!

We visited a few more times, made some plans, did table mock ups, and got ready! We had pictures for every table (every table was different) and a spreadsheet about 10 pages long of what flowers go where. We started on Thursday night..
It is an organized mess - I promise! 
We arrived Friday with 2 car loads of flowers! TWO!

All the flowers


Ceremony arrangement



It was a stunning dress!

Great shot!


Bride and Groom cups

The rings!

Drinks while the girls get ready

All the girls had monogrammed oxfords

The groom's cup

Getting dressed!

Something blue


Praying before the ceremony

Seriously - such a beautiful bride!

I loved this bouquet

She was so calm


The groom

So sweet

Love this pic

The ceremony site

Favors table

The barn

Cute signs

All the girls

All the guys

Sparkler exit!

The whole party..and they sure knew how to party!

bungalow seating with a firepit

They sure will!

Cocktail hour

Memory table

All the pics of them as babies 

Cute mini barrels

She was precious even as a kiddo!

Simple and perfect

Close up of the favors

Another one..

These mums were amazing..and heavy!

Bar sign

Runner for their table

one of the tables

my favorite

so cute!

Old coca-cola bottles

Mason jar candles

LOTS of baby's breath - I was kinda tired of arranging it by the end!

Love pole tents!

Seriously- the cutest wedding!

Love it 

perfect cake topper

Two love birds

The chandeliers

The venue

Gift "table"

crowd shot

Gotta love hay bale seating

Wine barrels!

Masons in the tree

so cute!

Blue grass band

Who knew you could reserve hay bales? :)

Hay ride that took the guests from ceremony to reception

Hold your horses and take a load off! 

Have a drink

Happy couple

The party heading over to party!

Love it 
Maybe my favorite shot..there are too many to choose from!

Red Hot and blue did not dissapoint

Dessert table

Mmmm Cake!

Love the old fashioned cars

Heading off to the honeymoon! 
It was a perfect event and one that we will never forget! Thank you Crystal and John for letting us be a part of your special day! 

Flowers and Coordinating: C and D Events
Photography: Mary Me

So we are not going to win "Blogger of the Year"...

I know we have been terrible...I know how many posts have started like that too!

Few exciting things that we can hopefully elaborate on this week...

1. WE HAVE FINAL PLANS....woo hoo...Dana made it! I thought on more than one occasion she was going to have a coronary...or a homicidal fit while waiting for those.

2. We have a closing date...Next excited!

3. We have a busy weekend!!! 3 weddings, 2 designs, 1 rehearsal, 1 bridal shower, and a barrel drop off...

Hopefully we will get around to blogging!

Happy Monday!

And we are back!

So we are home from our whirlwind Ikea trip and it was exhausting! We did, however, get soooo much accomplished...planned one kitchen in its entirety (cabinets, counters, faucet, sink, and hardware), one kitchen with everything but the faucet, and the venue kitchen has cabinets, hardware, and a range! We saved a ton of money buying it now (they are having their 20% off sale) and it is nice to know that it's finished and we will not have to be making these decisions when we are right in the middle of construction! We will just have to assemble and install...ha!

We were there so long that our kitchen designer had to take 2 breaks and a lunch. It was a long day! We did learn a couple of things that might benefit you in your Ikea kitchen design:

1. They have delivery...and it is reasonable! We drove to Charlotte with a plan to load up a U-haul,  drive the truck back to our shed,  and unload our three kitchens into a shed in the back yard. When we asked about delivery, we decided that anything under 400.00 would be worth was 199.00 flat rate for EVERYTHING! Let me tell you, that was a load off our shoulders!

2. Might seem obvious, but the drawer units cost more than the door units. When designing your Ikea kitchen just remember the more drawers you put in the more money you will spend!

3. Almost everything can be changed out later. This is the great thing about the Ikea cabinet; (minus the really nice hinges and 25 year warranty) you can add/change things later. If budget is a concern can get something that will work for now and add things that you may really want but can't afford later! They all use the same base cabinets, it is what you put in them that determines the cost/function/etc.

Here is a little peak of what we have chosen....You can guess the locations!
One of the cabinet Fronts
One Kitchen's Handles!

A sink choice for one of the kitchens!
A faucet....

What goes where.?? Will be revealed in time!

Dana outfit Inspiration

The countdown is on! I know that you all are so.very.excited. to see the big reveal of our date night outfits next week. I have actually had mine done for awhile knowing that we were having our house on the market and all the b-days coming up. So I got it done one weekend and could not be happier! Without giving too much away - I am going to share some inspiration for my outfit.

What I am working with..
A bridesmaid dress from Goodwill
Some thoughts on how to transform it ..
Navy lace
Navy and lace - love this look! 

Pearls and Ribbon... LOVE IT! :)
Jewelry inspiration
valentines day date dress
This was the original pin - I saw it and thought - I could do that. The answer is no - I can not do that. But I did like the sweetheart neckline on it.
mint, coral, navy
Color combos to get me thinking..
There you have it! I can not wait to reveal the outfit! Happy Monday everyone!

Random Musings: The Competition!

What are your thoughts/feelings on the upcoming competition results? 

Courtney: UGH! That is the first thing that comes to mind...I have seen what Dana has created and it is pretty darn cute! I started with a dress and intended to re-shape it into something great and then I wasn't feeling my fabric....then I cut it too I am 70% finished with a skirt that is turning out pretty good. BUT I have to now find a shirt at a thrift store that will complete this "sexy date look" and well, I just don't have the time! Unlike my sister, I can not take my kids into stores (At least my two year old) and hope to accomplish something other than grabbing milk and bread. Last time we went grocery shopping together I ended up with two boxes of Matzo Ball Soup that she put in the cart and distracted me so much at check out...we managed to get them home! So pilfering through a thrift store to uncover a score is not too likely. I feel like this is coming across negative...I like the premise of the competition and it is fun to do....when there is time to do it! Like not when you are trying to get a house back on the market in the middle of engagement season! Either way....I am going to try my best to kick some Dana butt... in spite of  my diminished time capacity!

Dana: I am actually pretty stoked! I have not worn my last outfit once - I just wasn't feeling it. But, I can honestly say that I will probably wear this dress more than once. It is super cute, fits me perfectly and I just made a kick ass necklace to go with it. it was NOT easy to make this dress. Now, if you have tailored something before, this is probably a piece of cake to you. But I could not figure out my "shape" to save my life. Finally, after the 10th time (no joke - I went through an entire bobbin) at ripping out both side seams, my husband looked at me and said, "sweetie - you are not curvy - you just need to go straight down." That was the ticket - and the next stitches in the light of the morning were *almost* perfect. They were close enough to tweak (I still had to rip those out - but I was close enough to be able to get it right the next time around).
All that being said - I am still not sure that I am going to win. I mean it is all up to you guys! I try to tell myself that it really doesn't matter - I LOVE my outfit. But really, sibling rivalry has taken a hold of me and I want to kick some Courtney tail!! 

Getting Ready!

We have been busy little bees over here at the Kadwell house. There weren't any major projects that we felt like we needed to do to get the house ready - just a bunch of small ones. We shipped the kids over to Courtney's house one weekend (she attempted to organize her laundry room with 4 kids!!) and got to work. I am not gonna lie - it was a glimpse into life pre-kids - and it was a nice break. We got to sleep in until 9 (!!), work at our own pace instead of rushing to get something done before/after nap time, and we got to actually help each other instead of one being on kid duty. So...what did we do??

Took down our fluorescent overhead light and added 2 recess cans and 2 hanging pendants.  Well - I can't say "we" - it was Mikhail who did it. And it was NOT an easy project because...

apparently our upstairs plumbing is right above the kitchen. A job that should have taken 2 hours, took almost all day! It was very frustrating and it took some serious thinking and problem solving. But he did it! And we paid him in beer for all his hard work!

Took down the old white fan and put in a much nicer one that was donated from my in-laws (they replaced it with another fan)

Took the old one from downstairs and replaced the bright, primary colored fan  that was in the guest room
Remember this guy??
Gone! And in it's place - something MUCH nicer. 
We also replaced the nursery light. Not for any design reason - I just love it and do not want to sell it with the house. We got all our lights from the Home Center in Apex. By BFF works there, so naturally, I went to her to get some updated lights. If you live in the area - CHECK THEM OUT! They run great deals often and have such a variety. That entry light was 75% off and it was only $50! Lowe's can't beat that!

Painted the Laundry Room and replaced the vent grate (it was all rusted and nasty)
I also finished the doors for the cabinets and we hung a bar to hang things on. It looks SO.MUCH. nicer in there. 

We added a closet system years ago that left huge holes in the wall from the wire shelving that was there before. We did not have the original paint, so we patched and painted the alcove area the same color as our bathroom

We also caulked the shower, toilets, and sink for a fresh new look. And we of course touched up paint everywhere. The worse was that the previous owners could.not.paint. You could still see the colors that were there before at the edge of the ceiling and the walls - so I went through and painted the edge of the ceiling in the two worse rooms - our bathroom and library. It was tedious and tiring - but makes such a difference! 

We refinished the door knobs and hinges

Such a difference from the brass builder standard - it looks SOOO good!!

I will have a DIY: How to refinish door handles soon! And the last thing we did was clean out the garage and take a whole truck load to the dump! I also went through my clothes (since they were all on the floor so I could paint) and donated/consigned 3 bags worth of clothes. It feels good to purge!! 

The house looks really great and now we are just focusing on finding a system that works for us. Here are some tips/ideas we have come up with:

1. We run the dishwasher right after dinner no matter how empty/full it is. This is typically is not a problem - it is usually at least 3/4 full every night. Then, before bed, we unload it. This is actually something I want to do for the rest of my life! Dishes are sooo easy! We start the day with an empty dishwasher and every thing goes straight in the dishwasher - never in the sink. It is glorious.

2. We pick up every night. This includes folding/putting away clothes. I find this is easiest during bath time. Sam does bath, I pick up/put away clean clothes. 

3. Vacuum the rugs every night after kiddos go to bed.

4. Run the wood vacuum in the morning while kiddos are eating breakfast. 

5. We have started the "put away before you get out another toy" rule. This is a work in progress - especially with a one year old that wants to dump everything out!!

Those are just a few things we are starting to do to get ourselves in the selling mind set. The only snafu is that I think my vacuum (the carpet one) died yesterday. I prayed really hard last night that it was just tired and was pitching a fit - we will see later tonight! Anyone else have any good tips at keeping a home in tip top condition?

DIY: Christmas tree branch

Welcome to 5 Days of Christmas!! Can you tell we are super excited this week to reveal what we have been up to? It is Day 2, and I, Dana, am going to enlighten you on the easiest DIY project ever. Well, I am not sure EVER, but it is pretty easy :)

I saw this picture on Pinterest...isn't that how everything starts?!? But seriously, I saw this picture on Pinterest..

Branch out from conventional tablescapes by using an extra-long tree limb as a platform for displaying ornaments. Simply knot lengths of twine around the branch and hang it from a row of five or six ceiling hooks    Read more: DIY Christmas Decorations - Handmade Christmas Decoration Craft Ideas - Country Living

I was drawn to the simple, yet different tablescape. This year has really made me want to decorate and try something new. I saw it, pinned it, and then didn't look at it again because, who has time to hang a branch? I can tell you - you do. It literally took me 20 minutes from start to finish (not counting picking out the branch- that took much too long) and about 10 minutes to decorate. So easy! 

The Tutorial...

That is it! Seriously - that easy. The one trick I would say is that if you do hang it this way, you have to be deliberate about your ornaments. You have to make sure the weight is evenly distributed or else it will be off balance. One solution is to tie it to the ceiling with hooks at multiple places. 

Now for the decorations..

I love it. It makes me smile when I walk into the dining room! Anyone else gonna try??

5 days of Christmas preview

Next week we are doing a really fun series: 5 days of Christmas. We are doing 5 DIY projects to get you all in the mood to celebrate the Holidays! I have a little preview of what we are going to do...

Burlap Christmas Stocking, cotton ruffles, custom, personalized
Dana will be making stockings based on this design

DIY pajama pants
Courtney will be making pajamas for all the kiddos for our annual Christmas photo

Felt Christmas Ornaments
Courtney will be making felt ornaments

Christmas Branch Decor
Dana will be making a centerpiece for her table based on this idea
Yarn Christmas Tree
Courtney will be making a yarn Christmas tree based on this idea

And there you have it! Our inspirations for our 5 days of Christmas  Please stop by each day next week and leave us some love :)

Bride Tuesday: Farm Table Inspirations

Recently on a little business trip to market our barrels (we have barrels for rent btw) to a rental company we use, we found out that they had farm tables for rent now. I love this cute and homey feeling. It looks like you are having dinner at someone's house as opposed to someone's event. I really hope to use these in the near future, so I can add a  C and D stylized pic to the list...but for now enjoy some web inspiration!
Earthy and Elegant - Love that fresh take on the Chivari

Rustic and Modern with that white glass - really like the juxtaposition!

Rustic yet elegant with these traditional chairs!

Sooo pretty..I feel like this is what farm tables were made for!

Holly and Travis: Backyard Wedding

We had the privilege of planning Holly and Travis's wedding this past September. They both lived in California so we collaborated lots over phone and email. They grew up in the Cary/Pittsboro area and actually met in the 6th grade at Cary Academy. They started dating their Junior year of high school and followed each other to Harvard. Such a sweet couple! When you met them you could tell how well suited they really are for each other! 

They decided to get married at their Alma mater (Cary Academy) and have their reception in the backyard of Holly's parent's house (the house that Holly grew up in). It made the wedding super personal and meaningful to both of them! If you have not been, Cary Academy's campus is BEAUTIFUL; great landscaping, beautiful buildings as backdrops, and plenty of parking....just what you want in a venue! They also had several teak benches placed around the campus and we were able to use them for guest seating at the wedding....seriously cute!

Holly's parents had a large back yard and worked tirelessly the year leading up to the big day to make it perfect...and it was gorgeous! The had new sod laid down, planted flowers and shrubs, and even built a new attractive shed to replace their old one. It looked amazing....The day was beautiful and could not have been prettier! Enjoy the pictures!

Getting Ready!

So cute!

Little help from Mom

Finishing touches!

On the way!

The Bouquet.

Chalkboard Program

Loved the benches!

Our alter pieces!

Little cones of lavender to throw at Holly and Travis after their "I DO"

Broomsmen = bridesmaids + Groomsmen

We put the Broomsmen to work drawing Chalk Hearts from the Parking to the Ceremony

Beautiful Shot....that bouquet was made by yours truly!

The ceremony set up!

Down the aisle!

Love the groom's face when he first sees his bride-to-be

They did it!

One of the beautiful buildings at Cary Academy


So some of the hearts did end up a little artsy....

Love this picture!

So beautiful!

This was one of my favorite shots!

The best Bouquet shot!

Centerpieces at the much fun to make and shop for!

A 'Thank You' note from Travis and Holly

Sweet Heart Table


Yummy cake from Mitchell's Catering!

We did hanging Mason's in the tree branches!

This is another of my favs!

That Boy's Mother didn't teach him right!

Love the action shots!

Guest book!

Great picture of the couple alone in the could tell how happy they were!

Sending them off!

Ceremony: Cary Academy
Linens: C and E Rentals
Photographer: Carolyn Scott Photography
Planner: C and D Events
Florals/decor: C and D Events
Cake: Mitchells

DIY Box Centerpiece

A few weekends ago we did the florals for our full plan bride. She sent us a picture of a centerpiece that was in a wooden box. We did not have access to those boxes, so she told us that her dad would make them foe her. They turned out so cute! AND they let us keep them :) The dad was so tickled that we loved his boxes so much. Anywho - here is a DIY on how to make a centerpiece in a box like container.


  • Box or solid colored vase
  • Yogurt container (32oz) size
  • Floral oasis
  • 1 white hydrangea
  • 2 baby green hydrangea
  • 2 purple stock
  • 4 Green roses
  • 1 purple dahlia
  • 4 orange tea roses
  • 4-6 stems of purple vulcan lisianthus
  • 1 orange rose
  • 4-5 stems of green hypericum berries
  • 2-3 stems of verigated pit
  • 2 stems of echinops
  • 2 stems of white orchid

The box! 

I cute the yogurt container to be a little bit lower than the top of the box. I soaked the oasis and then placed into the container. If you are using a solid vase that WILL NOT leak water, then the yogurt container is not needed. 

Place your white hydrangea in the center. Make sure it is taller than the box, about 4-6 inches.

Place baby green hydrangea in one corner

Make sure the green hydrangea touches the edge of the box 

Add the other hydrangea on the opposite corner

Add a purple stock to a corner that does not have the green hydrangea

You want to make sure that this too touches the sides of the box

Place another stock on the opposite corner

Strip the thorns from the green rose place into arrangment

Try to fill in the gaps as much as possible with the 4 roses

Add a purple dahlia into the center

Add your orange tea roses

You want to make sure that they don't get buried

Add the purple vulcan lisianthus

Use the lizzy to fill in as many holes as possible

Add the orange rose

Use the hypericum to fill in the gaps

Looking full!

Use the verigated pit to also fill in the gaps

Shove it in there

Just the right spot

Add the echinops to fill in gaps on the bottom so that you can not see the oasis


Add two stems of white orchids and voila - you are done! 
Super cute! I loved them! They were so vibrant and a lot of fun to make! Happy Friday everyone!!

Daniella and Michael: Bay 7 Wedding

Last June we had the pleasure of directing Daniella and Michael's wedding at Bay 7. This was such a fun couple! I loved getting e-mails from Daniella. She was hilarious and seriously had the best sense of humor. She was also SUPER organized which made our job ridiculously easy.They wanted a little help in making Bay 7 look a little more cozy and welcoming since they had a smaller wedding crowd. We came up with some great design ideas complete with a massive curtain, trees, and the area Daniella lovingly called: The Grotto.  What I really loved about these two is that they were so guest focused. Dinner was served family style with wine service through dinner. They wanted to make sure that the guests were comfortable dancing, or not dancing (hence "the grotto"). They were such a sweet couple and were so glad that they chose us to be a part of their special day! Here are some pics from the great Jenn Smith!

The Dress!

Bride and her momma

Getting all laced up

Love the tobacco campus!

Check out this DIY for the centerpiece

They chose all local beers! Love couples who use local goods

Lovely bride - she looked stunning! 

Special reading during the ceremony of I Like You. So sweet!


Violinist- she did a great job!!

Escorted by her parents


They are married!!!

Another centerpiece

Bridal party

Love this picture!

This one too..

Dancing with her Dad (you can see the huge curtain in the background)

He wanted to dance too!

Dancing the night away - such great guests!

Mmmm....mousse cake! Each guest got an individual mini cake - so yummy!!

Aerial shot!

Venue: Bay 7
Photographer: Jenn Smith Studios
Florals: Ming Florist
Decor and coordination: C and D Events
Cakes: Guglhupf

Linens Make the Party!

It always amazes me how much a space transforms once you place the linens on the goes from empty space with possibility to a par-tay! One of our favorite places to rent linens in C and E Rentals in downtown Raleigh (and it is not just because of the name similarity!) While you can rent chairs/tables/and plates from them, what they really specialize in are linens. They have some of the prettiest, and most elaborate linen choices around...if you are looking for something spectacular, that is the place to go! Enjoy looking at some of the possibilities out there...and happy Tuesday!
A nice budget option is to do a spun poly in a fun color! Blue poly cost the same as white....
Another idea we use often is to stick to a poly for guest seating and really have fun with the cake or sweetheart table linen!

Love the black and white...really makes the centerpiece pop!

A nice option for a color pop and maybe a little help with the budget is a plain cotton linen with a fun runner!

This is why we were such slackers...

I apologize about the non posting on Thursday and Friday. It was a busy weekend and the blog got a little neglected. I spent all day Thursday packing, running errands, and double checking the million lists I made for our wedding on Saturday. It was in Roxboro, so we set up at my in-laws house in Durham so that we only had a 30 minute commute as opposed to over an hour from my house. What that meant was I had to make sure I had everything ready on Thursday. I seriously made a thousand different lists and kept double checking that I have everything. It all went perfectly and for once we weren't super rushed on Saturday. I think starting Thursday night was helpful.

We have been planning this wedding for awhile and I was a little sad to see it come and go. It is probably one of my absolute favorite wedding designs we have done. It was so awesome! Here are a few preview pics..

About 6 months before the wedding - the garage where we were having half the reception burned down!! Here is the aftermath 

They rebuilt it in time and did a pretty darn good job!

The inside

The other side

Looking out to where the tent will be..

The garage

Leading out into the tent
This was the most time consuming part! It took almost 3 days to finish. We did not get back home until after 1am every single night - we were just a little bit tired! It took almost 200 yds of fabric, about a box of safety pins, 6 boxes of thumbtacks, 120 yds of purple tulle, 4 strings of lights, fishing wire, and some serious trouble shooting. Thursday night we re did the first half three times until we finally figured out how to make it perfect. The bride and groom were more than thrilled and we were so happy that it turned out so well! It was seriously magical. 

Here are some detail shots of the rest of the wedding..
Head table centerpieces

Gift table

One of the centerpieces. The boxes were made by her dad and we arranged all the flowers. It was such a fun centerpiece! It had about a dozen different flowers! 

On the walk up from the ceremony - her mom decorated hay bales  starting with baby/toddler years up until their engagement

Old tractor

Ceremony site - it was a BEAUTIFUL day!!

Popcorn bar by Swank Sweets. It was a huge hit! Everyone loved it!!  The door was one of the few things that survived the fire.
More pics to come!!

The Candle and Flower Alternative

It seems that when you are designing your wedding you have two options for centerpieces....candles or flowers. Brides often turn to candles as a less expensive option for the reception tables. We all know that flowers - especially fresh flowers, can be quite pricey...and those centerpieces can be a budget buster! I thought I would do a little research on an alternative to these two create something fresh and unique for your wedding! enjoy...
LOVE this...this is the cutest idea!
This could really  be cute for a hotel wedding...they really pack the table with glassware!

So Fresh and Colorful!

Using Dessert as the Centerpiece!
For a coupe more ideas see previous posts on the DIY lantern and these Fabric Centerpieces!

DIY for Courtney's Dress

Happy Friday! We are gearing up for one busy, sleepless weekend! We have a wedding Saturday at the lovely Bay Seven and a Brunch wedding Sunday morning in a beautiful backyard in Pittsboro! What that means to us is that we get to go to bed late and wake up early! Onto the the reason for this to make this awesome dress that is blowing Dana's creation out of the water! Visit the "Big Reveal" post to see the landslide yourself!

The find - I spent about 10 dollars on all these items at the local Goodwill- I  was looking for a fabric I liked and found the skirt first - it was made very well with a liner and pockets. I could work with that!

I knew I wanted to add interest to the top with ruffles and make the top sleeveless - so I started by ripping  out the seams that connected the sleeve to the body of the shirt. 

I used scissors to open up the sleeve once it was detached from the shirt - you can see how much fabric we had to work with! Plenty for a ruffle!
Cutting a strip of fabric from the sleeve to make the ruffle. We ended up using three strips of fabric, each the length of the sleeve, to create the ruffle for the top of the dress. 
After cutting off both sleeves we cut the collar off as well --- I decided at this point that I was going to use the ruffle as a collar instead. 

I rolled the collar to give it a finished look.
We cut a slit up the back and added a facing to make the finished seem. We did this because I did not want to change the waistband on the it fit perfectly around the bottom part of my rib cage...and I needed to be able to get in and out of the dress...this seemed like the easiest option...I can still use the button and zipper on the skirt and have my top attached!
We made the ruffle by first making a tube with the sleeve fabric strips. We then used a long basting stitch up the middle to make the ruffle. You gently pull this stitch out of the "tube" and your fabric will begin to ruffle. The more you pull it out the tighter the ruffle will it is really up to you as far as the ruffle "look"
This was the easy part! I wanted to make the skirt a little shorter so we re-hemmed it by first ironing a double fold down.  We then used the blind hem stitch on the machine to make a new finished edge. 
Hemming done!
For some reason, this was the most nerve wracking part to me! We cut the bottom of the shirt off to make it the appropriate length for the dress

Evenly attached the shirt to the skirt - started by making sure the button and zipper on the skirt lined up with both sides of the slit in the back of the dress.

Finished Product! I actually really like the dress and will get tons of use out of it!

So I won't say it was fact my Mother in Law helped me execute several of my ideas to make the outfit come together! Something I did not photograph/mention is it took several try-ons and a couple of darts to get the arm holes just right...After the sleeves came off they were a bit too large so we used two darts to bring them in and make the top fit!


I have not had a lot of time to do much of any projects here lately. We have been rather slammed with our fall wedding season going full force. Today, I thought I would share some "Pinspirations" that one day I hope to actually make! DON'T FORGET to vote! Courtney is kicking my tail at the moment - but I have faith that my true fans will find their way over and vote for the best outfit :)

Here are some of my Pinspirations..
Pallet, foam, table legs, fabric and a staple gun.  This is awesome!
DIY: Pallet ottoman - you use an old wooden pallet, some foam, and some fabric! I actually really love this! I want to try to make this for our kid's playroom using a vinyl cover and then tufting it. Something that can be wiped easily, but still look nice. 

Artwork Display for Children using Cabinet Doors
I really do love this idea for displaying kids art work. I will not paint it blue and pink though, probably black with  a white center so that it looks like a matted picture. I know that Ada would be more then tickled to have her artwork displayed. BTW- what do you do with all their art work and crafts from pre-school? I have TONS and can't seem to just throw it away..
diy burlap pendant
DIY: Burlap lamp shade. I am going to try this real soon to replace our front light before we sell. It could be a cheap update that looks really nice!
Metal mailboxes spray painted...outside kids bedrooms. I really want to do this! And leave them little notes, any mail they get, some treats, etc. Then they can hang their backpack and coat on the hooks! GREAT idea!
a ltitle mailbox outside the kid's room to hang backpacks, coats, and to slip in little notes. I am such a nerd. I love cards, notes, and love to give them. I would really love to get into the habit of leaving the kiddos a little note in the morning encouraging them before they head off to school. I love the idea and the personalization for the them. Since they will be sharing a room, I want to create some things that are just theirs and not shared. 
For ALL Moms: Door Jammer - allows you to open and close baby's door without making a sound. Keeps little ones from shutting themselves in the room. (This would be a great gift for new moms.) Add to scrap fabric ideas! - BRILLIANT!!!
I am actually going to try this real soon! Ada can't open doors yet - oddly enough. So anytime the bathroom is closed and she has to go - it is meltdown central!! This makes it so that all you have to do is push or pull the door open! I love it!

That is all of my Pinspirations here lately. Anything that you all are itching to try out??