DIY Mercury Glass - Attempt #1

Happy DIY Friday! We actually have several DIY projects lined up for the next few Fridays....shocking I stay tuned! This project was inspired by Pinterest (What isn't these days) ...and as always, Pinterest made it look so easy and attainable by any monkey with a spray can...and lets suffice it to say....we are still perfecting our technique!

We have a November bride who wants three different table centerpieces for her wedding and we thought one way to unify these ideas was to use a common item in all of them. We thought that Mercury glass would look great with all three ideas and started pricing it out...we found a few at West Elm that we liked Here...but at 5 dollars apiece, these centerpieces could get quite pricey!

This sent us to Pinterest....and we saw beautiful pictures of other people's DIY mercury glass and were inspired!

Martha Stewart said we could do it.....

Our First Attempt:

Materials: Krylon Mirror Like Spray paint, Half Vinegar half water Solution, Rag, Newspaper, Votive

A close up of the Paint

We filled the tops of our votives with news paper as the can says this stuff is combustible

We sprayed a layer of paint, holding the can about 8 inches away and let it dry for about 3 minutes.
We then sprayed it with the vinegar/water solution.

The paint will start to bubble up and you use the rag (We found if you sprayed the rag with the solution as well it gave you a better result!) to pop the bubbles.

The finished gives you that frosted mercury glass look as seen here...if you want a more opaque look, you would need to spray the inside as well as the outside and do several coats!

I think next time we may use a sealer to give it a more finished look...but overall I think it is what we are going for! We calculated how many we needed and I think the number is somewhere around we should be experts by the end...and will probably be able to give you lots of pointers!

Running Errands

My husband and mom (who is visiting) both asked me if I had a meeting today. Why? I was showered and dressed in something other than workout apparel. No - I reply. The look of confusion spreads on both their faces. 

This is a sign that I need to start trying to look nicer! So today I was inspired to create an easy, yet cute look for when I have to run errands, or even just run after my kiddos. The purse is a total splurge! One day people..

Enjoy the outfit! 

Running Errands

Casual to Business

It is quite often that we have casual business meetings with brides. We go to vendor meetings, caterer tastings, and picking out various decor items. We want to be comfy, but not sloppy. We don't need to be super dressy, but we still try to look cute and put together. Here lately, we have a new bride meeting or a business meeting to catch right after that and we need jazz it up a little. So, I put together this little number to go from a casual meeting to a more "business-y" meeting. The left side features a pair of super cute sandals with a simple earring for the more casual look. The right features the dressier option -  a white jacket that I am in love with! It is such a classic piece and one that every business woman must own. I would replace the bow with a more clean belt and add some nude pumps to give it a little more dressy feel. All items were under $50! I think it is time to go shopping!!

Casual to Business