Busy Weekend!

Shew! What a weekend!! We had such a great time celebrating 3 sweet brides this weekend. On Saturday Amber, Kelsey, and I were with Emily and Brian at Duke Gardens. Courtney and Becca were at the Botanical gardens with Kelly and Alex. And then on Sunday, Amber and I were back at the Gardens for Stefanie and Brian. Here a few sneak peeks from our oh so awesome iPhones!

Saturday at the Gardens..

We were filled to the BRIM! Seriously, I was driving with flowers in my lap

The packed car

All set up! It was GORGEOUS! And the bride did all the flowers! 

One of my favorite details..

We had to move it inside due to the torrential downpour..but it was still beautiful. Gorgeous couple, sweet family, awesome friends, couldn't ask for a better wedding! 

Drenched at the end of the night. The rain was oh so wonderful :)

Saturday the Botanical Gardens

Getting Picture lessons from the photographer!
Father/Daughter - one of my favorite parts of every wedding! 

Sunday at Duke Gardens

The Chuppa we made - it turned out so well! I am not gonna lie, I was a literal nervous :)

Seriously my favorite centerpiece we have done so far! Love the ring!!

The other centerpiece. I was so inspired by her colors and I loved the flower choices!

All set up!

The Hora! I LOVE the traditions of a Jewish wedding. I don't think I stopped smiling all night!!

Sweet Treats

Planning a bridal shower, engagement party, dinner party or just need to make a sweet treat?  Well I've got a recipe for you!  I had a church event a few weeks ago and needed to bring a dessert.  The day of the event I was very busy, but didn't want to buy something to bring so I turned to my trusty Southern Living Cookbook and found a recipe for these sweet treats, Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles!!  So easy to make, and very hands off! This recipe was perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle!

Straight from Southern Living

Prep: 40 minutes  Cook:  13 minutes  Other: 5 hours

1/4 cup of whipping cream
1 (4 ounce) bittersweet chocolate baking bar, chopped
1 (4 ounce) semisweet chocolate baking bar, chopped
2 tablespoons hazelnut spread (Such as Nutella - I used 3 since I love this stuff so much!)
1 cup of hazelnuts

Bring cream to a simmer in a saucepan over medium-high heat; remove from heat

Whisk in chocolates and hazelnut spread until blended and smooth.  Transfer mixture to a glass bowl; cover and chill 3 hours or until firm  (it took me less time than this).

Place hazelnuts on a baking sheet.  Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes or until hazelnuts are toasted and skins begin to split.  Place warm hazelnuts in a dish towel, rub vigorously to remove skins.

Process toasted hazelnuts in a food processor until ground.  Place in a shallow dish.

Shape chilled chocolate mixture into 1-inch balls, roll in ground hazelnuts.  Cover and chill truffles 2 hours or until ready to serve.

Yields 2 dozen

The Possibilities of a Courtyard....

So we went to visit the property this weekend (Mikhail, the kiddos, and I) and the foundation is 99% finished...there are a few brick that need to be added to finish out the stairs (front and back). It is going to look so good..it flairs out a bit on the sides and gives it a look of grandeur that just screams wedding!Mason had so many questions about "the Princess's house" and "Where she will get married"....It got me think of how many couples will be getting married on those back steps with there guests sitting in the courtyard...and it made me smile!

That courtyard is one of the aspects of the house that I am most excited about! The possibilities are endless! I can see ceremonies out there....it is large enough to fit a good sized group of people. I think it would be great for a cocktail hour for that bride that just wants a taste of outside...but doesn't want to fully commit! I would love it tented with both ballrooms open to make one huge, cohesive space! On a great Fall evening I think it would be so much fun to have the band and dancing out there...while still getting to eat in a bug-free environment!

I was perusing some courtyard inspiration I wanted to share with you! It made me super (inner Dana) excited to stylize our own!

So pretty and Fresh!
Rehearsal dinner anyone??

Who doesn't want to get married here?!
Love this dinner option - throw in a few market lights and call it a party!

A Real Life Fairytale....

When you think of a fairy tale, what first comes to mind?  Probably a prince, a princess, a castle and a royal ball!  Well a few weeks ago Dana and I had the pleasure of participating in Ashley and Tyler's fairy tale when we coordinated their wedding out at Barclay Villa!

The outside of Barclay Villa

Ashley and Tyler are sweetest couple and dreamed of a Beauty and Beast themed wedding!  It was absolutely gorgeous!  Though the weather wasn't agreeing with the original plan of the ceremony in the gardens, that didn't put a damper on this wedding day! 

The sweetheart table with Cogsworth and Lumiere!

One of the guest tables!  All tables had Beauty and the Beast related names!  
The sweetest father-daughter dance I've ever seen!  He's so proud of his little girl!

All of the following photos by RGB Insight!

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Wedding time!!!

They did it!!!

Their team!

The men vs. the women!

Love <3 <3 <3

A true fairytale!!

Sent off with a sparkling farewell!

I think one of the sweetest things about this wedding was that Tyler planned the whole honeymoon and didn't tell Ashley anything! All she knew was to pack for warm weather and bring her passport!!  She found out at the airport that they were going to be starting the adventure of marriage in JAMAICA!!!  I'd say she picked herself a pretty amazing prince!!!
This wedding was an absolute joy!  I'm so glad I got to be a part of it!

The Honeymoon!

So I feel like I should actually finish up my marriage segment since I took a hiatus for crafts and what feels like a dozen weddings and talk about the honeymoon; the beginning of forever!  There are serval  different theories about how honeymooning came about (some are actually terrifying!), but today it is the time for newly weds to go off on their own and spend quality alone time together! There is no set time you have to go on your honeymoon.  Some people wait a month, some go immediately from their wedding and I even know some that have waited a year! When and where doesn't really matter as long as you're getting quality time with your sweetie.

For my honeymoon my husband and I (Brandon - I guess I should name him at this point =)) went on a cruise around the Caribbean.  His first, my second.  We went in January two weeks after our wedding so the hot weather was very welcomed by us!  For us, this was perfect!  We used those two weeks prior to get him all moved in and settled.  The nice thing about cruises is that everything is included except for alcohol, souvenirs, and the excursions.  It was so nice for us to not have to think about anything except each other and what all we wanted to do and see on this trip.  Also, cruises LOVE honeymooners!  When we showed up, our room was decortated with hearts and banners and there was a chilled bottle of wine comliments of the captain (Along with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries my in-laws had called ahead and arranged for us - did I get lucky or what!?).  The other nice thing was we had no contact with the outside world! You have to pay for Internet and if you used your phone, expect your bill to be through the roof! We literally COULDN'T do any work, check Facebook, twitter, Instagram, call anyone or text.  It was amazing!  We woke up when we wanted, ate and drank when we wanted (I did not have one bad meal - tip for future cruisers: take the stairs everywhere and you won't gain a pound and can eat anything!), did whatever activities we wanted.  I highly recommend a cruise to anyone newlywed or not!

Here are some of our favorite pics:

Honeymooner's gathering!

Food art!

The Royal Promenade!  This was where all the shops, quick eateries and the casino were located.

Our room all decorated by the cruise staff.

Enjoying some balcony drinks!

 Our dinner hall.  This is three stories and the food was to die for!

Handprints in the sand... =)

Don't forget the towel animals!

Dinner one night....

Enjoying some local eats and drinks in the Cayman Islands.

Whatever you and your new hubby/wife do for your honeymoon, remember this advice:
1). Don't be afraid to splurge a little! After all, you only get one honeymoon
2). Tell everyone you meet you're on your honeymoon!  You'll be surprised at the service you'll get. Everyone loves honeymooners!
3). Try to stay OFF you're phones!  This trip is about you and your new spouse!
4). And lastly and most importantly.... HAVE FUN!!!

The Exhale!

That's what happened this morning for me...I woke up and realized that for at least the next two weeks my time is "semi" my own! We finished our last event of the Spring wedding season this past Saturday and I have to tell you it felt so good! I remember looking at the mountain of weddings (7 in 5 weeks) right before Memorial Day weekend, 6 of those with design/floral arranging, and wondering just how we were gonna make it! It is so very nice being on the other side and looking back at all of the hard work, stress, sleepless nights and knowing that we pulled off 7 very successful events! We have 7 newly married couples that let us be a part of there special day....at the end of all the stress and worry I realize that it is truly an honor to be apart of such a special, intimate moment in a couple's lives!

Congratulations to all of our Spring Couples! (the March - May ones too) Thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day!

Crystal and John: Country Chic Wedding

I look back on this weekend and I still can not believe that we pulled it off! This weekend and the following were the most exhausting C and D weekends ever. We had literally maybe 6 hours of sleep TOTAL for both weekends. It took me weeks to recuperate  But, looking back, all 4 events were monumental successes that it was all worth it.

Crystal called me up one day inquiring about our day of service and design service. We chatted on the phone for a few and she invited me over to check out her stash. Wedding stash that is. I told Court about the call and she was curious, as was I. We headed out to her house so that we could get a feel for her personal style. Then we headed to her future in-laws. There, we stepped into a shabby chic paradise. They had been collecting items upon items for this wedding. It was everywhere! Benches, chairs, pottery, milk glass, bird cages, mason jars, chandeliers, you name it, they had it. Her problem was that she needed someone to put it all together. We were pretty overwhelmed, but knew it would be fun to plan and such a great wedding for the portfolio. It didn't hurt that we found Crystal to be the cutest thing ever and her hubs to be was such a sweetheart. We were sold - and so were they!

We visited a few more times, made some plans, did table mock ups, and got ready! We had pictures for every table (every table was different) and a spreadsheet about 10 pages long of what flowers go where. We started on Thursday night..
It is an organized mess - I promise! 
We arrived Friday with 2 car loads of flowers! TWO!

All the flowers


Ceremony arrangement



It was a stunning dress!

Great shot!


Bride and Groom cups

The rings!

Drinks while the girls get ready

All the girls had monogrammed oxfords

The groom's cup

Getting dressed!

Something blue


Praying before the ceremony

Seriously - such a beautiful bride!

I loved this bouquet

She was so calm


The groom

So sweet

Love this pic

The ceremony site

Favors table

The barn

Cute signs

All the girls

All the guys

Sparkler exit!

The whole party..and they sure knew how to party!

bungalow seating with a firepit

They sure will!

Cocktail hour

Memory table

All the pics of them as babies 

Cute mini barrels

She was precious even as a kiddo!

Simple and perfect

Close up of the favors

Another one..

These mums were amazing..and heavy!

Bar sign

Runner for their table

one of the tables

my favorite

so cute!

Old coca-cola bottles

Mason jar candles

LOTS of baby's breath - I was kinda tired of arranging it by the end!

Love pole tents!

Seriously- the cutest wedding!

Love it 

perfect cake topper

Two love birds

The chandeliers

The venue

Gift "table"

crowd shot

Gotta love hay bale seating

Wine barrels!

Masons in the tree

so cute!

Blue grass band

Who knew you could reserve hay bales? :)

Hay ride that took the guests from ceremony to reception

Hold your horses and take a load off! 

Have a drink

Happy couple

The party heading over to party!

Love it 
Maybe my favorite shot..there are too many to choose from!

Red Hot and blue did not dissapoint

Dessert table

Mmmm Cake!

Love the old fashioned cars

Heading off to the honeymoon! 
It was a perfect event and one that we will never forget! Thank you Crystal and John for letting us be a part of your special day! 

Flowers and Coordinating: C and D Events
Photography: Mary Me

Thursday Check in!

Question: How are you feeling about Spring wedding season?

Courtney: Pretty good....I feel like if we can get through April 27th it will be smooth sailing from there! We have 3 weddings that day and 2 designs...plus a rehearsal dinner...and a superfluous barrel drop off. We will definitely need all hands on deck that weekend! While I am chomping at the bit to get started on our building project...it is probably a good thing that we aren't doing anything with that right now...after the 27th will be good! The month of May is really all Dana (woo hoo)! We have that employee now so it is not necessary to do all events together...Mikhail and I are actually going to have some friends over one weekend in May (crazy I know!)  June though....that is another story...maybe Dana can have a cook out that month...or do some painting (ha!)

Dana: I feel better after this weekend. I made about a bazillion lists and have all my final numbers/arrangements in for April. I am excited about the design we have going on. It is some super neat and cute stuff and I am stoked to see it come to life! I also really love our spring brides. I can not wait to see them get married and have a fantastic day! I am looking forward to June when I get to take more of a backseat to the weddings and I will enjoy the break for sure! But overall, it's wedding season! In this business, how could you not love it?

Wedding Season Initiation!

It has started friends! The beginning of wedding season...We had three events this weekend and all went off with a hitch...but thankfully no real glitches! (Ha...corny I know...) We left Amber (our former intern...now employee) alone for the first time and she did GREAT! We used Elle (former bride, now assistant extraordinaire) for the first time and I think she may be able to take over my job... seriously...so proactive and solution oriented...love her! Lastly, in a list of firsts, we tried out a new intern on Dana's event and Dana said that she made a great assistant. Sooo looking forward to having another intern....

I think it was a great kick off weekend and a sign of good things and exciting weekends to come!

Wedding Season Spring 2013!

Lauren and Django: Haw River Ballroom

I absolutely loved this couple! They were so sweet and genuine. We met them over coffee at Panera Bread and we clicked instantly. We were so happy that they chose us to be their day of coordinator!  They had fantastic style and I loved the feel they were going for. They had their ceremony and reception in Saxapahaw at the Haw river ballroom. It was the first time we had coordinated an event there. It was such a neat space and I could totally see why they chose this venue for their wedding. Enjoy the pictures!

My iphone pictures..
Ceremony site - so neat! I loved the mixture of chairs and benches

Close friends played the music - it has to be my favorite ceremony music to date!

All set-up and ready to party!

Love this space!

More pictures of the set-up

First dance

Love it when they are choreographed! 

So cute! 
 Professional pictures..as if you couldn't tell :)

Cupcakes! Soooo yummy!!

Table "numbers" 

Orchids they rented - such a great idea!


The groom

Eveyone eating the yummy dinner

Such a sweet couple!

Outside the ballroom

Photography: Sean Meyers
Caterer: Saxapahaw General Store
Rentals: American Party Rentals
Florist: Tre Bella
Cupcakes: Main Street Cake Shoppe
Centerpieces: Orchid Gallery
Dress: Victorian Rose Bridal
Officiant: Rev. Robin Renteria

Peach and Mint Wedding Inspirations!

With all the moving/packing/apology posts we almost forgot what we do! Well we DO a lot, but I am talking about our actual profession...Wedding planning that is. Thought I would bring it back around and add a little wedding inspiration to this blog! We have a bride coming up (several actually) that is doing a peach/mint theme and we get to do the design! I thought I would share a bit of our Pinterest research here for you to enjoy!
tan bridesmaids' dresses and peach bouquets
Love this Bridesmaid's bouquet - So simple but elegant. 
Bridesmaid's gift?
Sooo pretty! Love the mint linen with the peach pillars!
Seriously Can't.Stand.It!

Mint and peach bouquet
Love the Peonies!

There you have it! A little Inspiration for you on and something pretty to ponder on this Tuesday!

1705 Prime: Alyssa and Chris

We don't take on a ton of full plans. The main reason being because the amount of work it requires - we would not be able to do 100% to all our brides if we take on too many. Luckily, we had brides spread out over the whole year last year. The other reason is because I get too attached!  Seriously. It is so bittersweet to see their day approach. I literally almost got teary eyed at Alyssa and Chris's rehearsal. I am pathetic- I know! 

We met Alyssa and Chris almost a year before their big day. Immediately I knew I would love this couple! Not only is Chris the sweetest guy ever, but he was just head over heels for his bride. He came to every single meeting and made sure that Alyssa was getting the wedding of her dreams. He opened doors for me and her! He has got to be one of my favorite grooms. I enjoyed all our meetings, phone chats, texts, and e-mails. I will truly miss working with them. They were a breeze and So.much.fun! 

I think my shining moment was when she was having a slight emergency in the car on the way over to the chapel and she told her mom "I just want Dana!" My heart melted just slightly - I am not gonna lie. We did have one hiccup with an over zealous church coordinator. But other than that it was a perfect day. Enjoy the pictures..

Girls all made up!

It was a candlelit service - so pretty!

The altar pieces

Pew markers


The happy couple

Could he be any happier??

Her bouquet - one of my favorites we have made!

Their "guest book" They were wine lovers, so we had a little theme going..

Escort cards

One of the tables

The other tables

Love this picture

Beautiful Job from Ashley Cakes

These girls knew how to Party!

Sparkler exit!

SO cute!

Yes - that is me, barefooted in the freezing cold running around like a nut for this picture. 

Such a fun night and great group of people!! I know they will be celebrating many years together. Congratulations Alyssa and Chris and Thank you so much for letting us plan your special day!

Venue and Catering: 1705 Prime
Ceremony Site: Millbrook Methodist
Photography: Stacia Harrington
Hair and Make-up: Elaine Harrison
Flowers/Decor: C and D Events

The Coker Arboretum in Chapel Hill: Jen and Dave

We were lucky to direct Jen and Dave's wedding this past November at the Arboretum in Chapel Hill. It was a beautiful day with a laid back crowd that made our job so much fun! We supplied the bride with the flowers and they had a cool idea about getting together several friends and having a centerpiece making party! They showed everyone how to do one and then let them have at it! 16 friends = 16 centerpieces! I thought that was such a cool concept! Enjoy some of the pictures from the day!

Getting Ready! (Dana action shot!)

Love this Shot!

Wedding Guests

Pew Markers made by C and D

Cute Bouts!

Just Married!

The Cake Table! Yum!

Cute bird stamp guest book!

Venue: Arboretum at Chapel Hill
Caterer: DCC
Coordinator and flowers: C and D Events
Photographer: Happy Day Photography
Cake: Guglhupf Bakery

Matthews House: Jessica and Sean

 We had the privilege of being a part of Jessica and Sean's Wedding this past Summer. What a sweet beautiful couple! You could tell how well they "fit" together and seemed to have an endless list of similar interests (I was a little jealous!) It was such a fun day with a great wedding party and wonderful guests. They had their ceremony outside along with the cocktail hour. The party moved inside for dinner and dancing and they exited to sparklers in the parking lot! One of my favorite aspects, which I still use to this day, was the favors! (I know shocking) They made a mixed tape (CD) for all the guests and it really helped convey their personality and left me with something I could enjoy! Here are a few pictures of their day. enjoy....

The girls!

I love this Shot

Flowers by Dogwood Tree Florist

So beautiful.....Loved her hair!

The Favors!

So in love!

The Ceremony Site
Place Settings


Cake Cutting - cute shot!

Braver than me....

Happily Ever After...

Venue: Matthews House
Photographer: Julie Livingston
Coordinators: C and D Events
Cake: Not Just Cakes
Florist: Dogwood Tree Florist

Let There be Lighting!

I remember years ago we were directing a wedding at Bay 7 in Durham and the bride was talking about her 'lighting guy' She was listing off the different types of lights that she had ordered such as pin spots for the centerpieces, Up lighting, and Down Wash. I remember thinking why would anyone spend THAT amount of money on just lights....well on the day of the wedding those questions were answered....because it looks AMAZING....that's why!! Now whenever the budget can accommodate it we try to suggest a lighting package. It really sets the mood and tone for an event and can transform even the most mundane of spaces.

A cocoon of pink....lighting can change the color of a room.
Cake Lighting (they focus a pin spot on just the cake)
A monogram on the dance floor all done with lighting. 

This is an example of extreme up wash and pin spotting.
You can see that the lighting can really change a space! Pictures don't really do it justice, it is more about the feeling that you have when you are in the space....it can really be amazing!

Winter Wedding

Hello everyone! Today, we are going to share some really great inspiration for a winter or Christmas wedding. We have had the pleasure of planning only 1 Christmas wedding. ONE! So sad! It was so much fun to shop for. Courtney and I were like a kid in a candy store on Black Friday! We would love to do another Christmas Full Plan. Until then, here is some inspiration..

winter wedding
Love this bouquet! It is different, and so beautiful!

Remember the Christmas song "Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow!" That's what this wedding cake is all about! Whether you're in sunny California or Hawaii, you can still have a white Christmas with this wedding cake.
We have been seeing a lot of this lately - different tiered cakes. I love the simple, yet fun approach

Christmas wedding diy
Such a good idea! This would be awesome in place of the traditional pomanders or a chandelier.

The "Snow Flurry" Holiday Ornament Place Card and Photo Holder is a snow-lover’s delight inside and out, making it the perfect favor for your winter wedding or holiday party.
Great idea for escort cards!

Kate Spade Holiday Shoot by Styled Creative + Alison Conklin. something just for fun? What do you guys think about doing a Christmas themed shoot in the December issue? There are a lot of holiday weddings done super poorly.
I really love this idea for an escort card display.  You could do a more modern approach like this, or use a real tree. 

christmas wedding

Perfect for a ceremony!

for a Christmas wedding
What a cute idea! Who doesn't love hot chocolate?

Holly and Travis: Backyard Wedding

We had the privilege of planning Holly and Travis's wedding this past September. They both lived in California so we collaborated lots over phone and email. They grew up in the Cary/Pittsboro area and actually met in the 6th grade at Cary Academy. They started dating their Junior year of high school and followed each other to Harvard. Such a sweet couple! When you met them you could tell how well suited they really are for each other! 

They decided to get married at their Alma mater (Cary Academy) and have their reception in the backyard of Holly's parent's house (the house that Holly grew up in). It made the wedding super personal and meaningful to both of them! If you have not been, Cary Academy's campus is BEAUTIFUL; great landscaping, beautiful buildings as backdrops, and plenty of parking....just what you want in a venue! They also had several teak benches placed around the campus and we were able to use them for guest seating at the wedding....seriously cute!

Holly's parents had a large back yard and worked tirelessly the year leading up to the big day to make it perfect...and it was gorgeous! The had new sod laid down, planted flowers and shrubs, and even built a new attractive shed to replace their old one. It looked amazing....The day was beautiful and could not have been prettier! Enjoy the pictures!

Getting Ready!

So cute!

Little help from Mom

Finishing touches!

On the way!

The Bouquet.

Chalkboard Program

Loved the benches!

Our alter pieces!

Little cones of lavender to throw at Holly and Travis after their "I DO"

Broomsmen = bridesmaids + Groomsmen

We put the Broomsmen to work drawing Chalk Hearts from the Parking to the Ceremony

Beautiful Shot....that bouquet was made by yours truly!

The ceremony set up!

Down the aisle!

Love the groom's face when he first sees his bride-to-be

They did it!

One of the beautiful buildings at Cary Academy


So some of the hearts did end up a little artsy....

Love this picture!

So beautiful!

This was one of my favorite shots!

The best Bouquet shot!

Centerpieces at the reception....so much fun to make and shop for!

A 'Thank You' note from Travis and Holly

Sweet Heart Table


Yummy cake from Mitchell's Catering!

We did hanging Mason's in the tree branches!

This is another of my favs!

That Boy's Mother didn't teach him right!

Love the action shots!

Guest book!

Great picture of the couple alone in the crowd...you could tell how happy they were!

Sending them off!

Ceremony: Cary Academy
Linens: C and E Rentals
Photographer: Carolyn Scott Photography
Planner: C and D Events
Florals/decor: C and D Events
Cake: Mitchells

When I look back at 2012..

I know it is not the end of the year, and I am a little early for reflecting on this past year, but I can't help it. I was texting with our real estate agent this morning giving her an update on the bank from last week, and the timeline for our house to be put on the market.

Total side note: Martha is awesome! She has worked so hard for us - she has negotiated, traipsed through woods, investigated, helped with zoning (even represented us on our final meeting when I was in labor!), and has guided us with fantastic advice. She has been awesome! If anyone needs an agent - check her out.  

Anyways - we were talking about timeline and what not and she said: "You will be amazed at what you have done when you look back on this year. I think this year and the next will be historic for you both." She is so right. When I think about where we were just a year ago, where we are right now, and where we are going to be - it is amazing. Not only are we building a venue - but we have really rocked it out this year! C and D has been blowing our events out of the water and we have made some great connections in this industry. We are on the path to do even more weddings next year and I am so stoked to see what we will design and execute. We have 2  really great planners on board that are part time right now, but we are hoping by summer/fall they will be full time employees.

I couldn't help but let my mind go to this time next year. We will either have a venue, or be almost done with it. I am so proud that we have started this process - we took a dream and have fine tuned and developed a tangible plan that is going to be successful. I know that when we look back at 2012 - we will say that this was the year that changed it all. It was the beginning of a wonderful journey and one year that we will never forget.

DIY Box Centerpiece

A few weekends ago we did the florals for our full plan bride. She sent us a picture of a centerpiece that was in a wooden box. We did not have access to those boxes, so she told us that her dad would make them foe her. They turned out so cute! AND they let us keep them :) The dad was so tickled that we loved his boxes so much. Anywho - here is a DIY on how to make a centerpiece in a box like container.


  • Box or solid colored vase
  • Yogurt container (32oz) size
  • Floral oasis
  • 1 white hydrangea
  • 2 baby green hydrangea
  • 2 purple stock
  • 4 Green roses
  • 1 purple dahlia
  • 4 orange tea roses
  • 4-6 stems of purple vulcan lisianthus
  • 1 orange rose
  • 4-5 stems of green hypericum berries
  • 2-3 stems of verigated pit
  • 2 stems of echinops
  • 2 stems of white orchid

The box! 

I cute the yogurt container to be a little bit lower than the top of the box. I soaked the oasis and then placed into the container. If you are using a solid vase that WILL NOT leak water, then the yogurt container is not needed. 

Place your white hydrangea in the center. Make sure it is taller than the box, about 4-6 inches.

Place baby green hydrangea in one corner

Make sure the green hydrangea touches the edge of the box 

Add the other hydrangea on the opposite corner

Add a purple stock to a corner that does not have the green hydrangea

You want to make sure that this too touches the sides of the box

Place another stock on the opposite corner

Strip the thorns from the green rose place into arrangment

Try to fill in the gaps as much as possible with the 4 roses

Add a purple dahlia into the center

Add your orange tea roses

You want to make sure that they don't get buried

Add the purple vulcan lisianthus

Use the lizzy to fill in as many holes as possible

Add the orange rose

Use the hypericum to fill in the gaps

Looking full!

Use the verigated pit to also fill in the gaps

Shove it in there

Just the right spot

Add the echinops to fill in gaps on the bottom so that you can not see the oasis


Add two stems of white orchids and voila - you are done! 
Super cute! I loved them! They were so vibrant and a lot of fun to make! Happy Friday everyone!!