Vision into the Future

You Heard it Here First...The Bradford has some pretty extraordinary expansion plans coming up for 2017 and we cannot wait to share them with you! 

Dear Bradford Brides,  

You will be raving over this new addition! Not only will it give you and your bridal party a private space to get ready, relax, and pop some bottles of bubbly, it will also provide the perfect place for an overnight slumber party before your big day! Now you may have already guessed at what this expansion may be, but first, we will show you some first-glance photos into the making of this wonderful space! 

As we walk up the stairs, try to envision a little less exposed wood and siding and a lot more elegance and beauty! Up these stairs, brides will enter a room full of fun and this space will become home to many wonderful memories for you and your closest friends! 

Just at the top of the stairs, you come to this soon-to-be seating space. The plan is to install some cozy window seating that will be perfect for hanging out. With views out onto the terrace and back garden, this area will be the perfect spot for rest and relaxation as you get ready for your special day!  

Off to the left side of the seating space, we have what will soon enough be a full-bath and kitchenette! The framing for the bathroom is already up, but we cannot wait to see how this project progresses and eventually turns into a bathroom fit for a Queen, or Bradford Bride in this case! The kitchenette will be the best spot to set-up for a delicious mimosa bar and be super handy in storing drinks & snacks for you and your bridal party! 

Posing for you in this snap-shot is Bailey- our venue manager, who is super excited about the entire project! This space will eventually turn into a getting-ready area with a lit-up row of vanities- perfect for doing hair and makeup! You will truly feel like a celebrity in this part of the bri... 

Oops!- Almost spilled the will just have to keep reading to find out exactly what this awesome space will soon be! 

As many of you might already know, The Bradford is a bed & breakfast, so we do offer four bedrooms upstairs that sleeps 9 people! However, with the new third floor complete, this area pictured will eventually have even more beds. So, even more people will soon be able to enjoy the overnight stay and fully made breakfast next morning! of all...this space will be perfect for hosting a bridal slumber party for you and you maids!

As we finish up this photo-tour of the newest expansion project here at The Bradford, we just wanted to share that many more progress pictures will be coming, so keep your eye out for those! 

And for the moment you have all been patiently waiting for: The Bradford cannot wait to introduce its new 2017...............



*Stay Tuned for Progress Updates via Instagram @TheBradfordNC and our weekly blog posts!