Team Beach Day

Anyone who is in our industry knows the joy you feel after finishing a wedding season! Luckily our busy season is broken up into two parts the spring and the fall. Well after successfully surviving another wedding season, Becca had the great idea to take a team beach day to Wilmington! So yesterday the team packed up at 7:30am and headed for the beach! We are fortunate enough that Bailey is actually from Wilmington and we had her to show us around. We stopped at an adorable brewery called Wilmington Homebrew. If you're ever in Wilmington, definitely check them out!

The day was spent on the beach with laughs and stories about our weddings this season. We got to read, relax and just spend time together doing nothing. We played in the ocean and caught a few waves on our boogie boards. It's just refreshing to spend time bonding with your team outside of work. I think I speak for all of us when I say, that we have a great team and we appreciate each other. Everyone works so hard and this is the largest our team has ever been.

We are excited to see where we are headed as a team and we can't wait for another wedding season, but until then, we will be enjoying our downtime!

BaileyC and DComment